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I saw this section of the board and decided to give this a try. I have done a little writing in the past but never sex related.

Enjoy! (I hope)

The car was hot. "Hot does not even begin to describe this" thought James. The inside of the car boiled in

the 95 degree heat of the mid day sun. "I should have fixed this air conditioner before I left" James said

aloud. James was headed to the city for a week of work at one of his branch offices. James hated the city.

Even as a child he longed for the open spaces of the country. As an adult his love of the country only

grew. The open spaces, the clean air, and outdoor sex with no onlookers. James drove for what seemed like

days in his hot car. The heat and the monotonous road was hypnotizing for James. Soon his thoughts wandered

back to the country and a chance encounter that lead to the best sex of his life.

James was 26 at the time. He had his share of girlfriends over the years but nothing that was ever real

serious. That summer he had found a job that allowed him to make a large amount of money in a short period

of time. Best of all he could stay with his grandparents at their farm in the country. James needed some

fresh air. Work had been rough that day and he needed to unwind. He set off for through the field toward a

stand of trees that separated his grandparent's farm from their neighbor's. A small creek ran through the

trees and James liked to walk along the creek and enjoy nature. As he entered the woods and started to

follow the creek he saw something moving in the distance ahead of him behind some bushes. "It must be a

deer" James thought. He stealthfully moved closer to get a better look. He found a spot by some small trees

where he could sit and watch unseen. James waited for the deer to step in to view. He watched as it moved

closer to the edge of the bushes.

As it emerged the first thing James saw was a breast. A naked perfect breast. Then he saw her, the most

beautiful woman he had ever seen. James felt the familiar rush in his pants. Her dark hair flowed down from

her head across her breast. Her body curved downward to a perfect bottom, and there it was. Her pussy. The

woman splashed he foot in the water as she ran her hand around an erect nipple. The woman crossed the creek

and spread her towel. Then she layed down. Her hand ran from her breasts to her pussy and back to her

mouth. James watched as she licked her finger and ran her hand back to her pussy stopping long enough to

swirl it around her nipple. His cock was fully erect and throbbed with every stroke her hand made on her

pussy. The woman rubbed her clit faster and harder. Her hips gyrated with the rythm of her hand that now

seemed to be swallowed by her open pussy. James needed some release. His cock was throbbing so hard he

thought he would cum without ever touching it. He moved to open his pants. CRACK!! James froze. When he

moved his foot pushed a stick and it broke. James thought someone had just fired a gun. His heart beatin

his ears. The woman looked his direction. "You may as well come out" she said.

James was not sure what to do. He was busted. Not only had he been spying on this woman he had a hard on he

could never hide. His tent was big enough for the whole circus to perform. "Come on" the woman said. James

shyly stood up. "Come on over here. There is nothing you haven't already seen." the woman said as she

beckoned him. James walked toward the woman. "I see you enjoyed the show!" the woman said as she hungrily

stared at the bulge in his pants. "Sit down beside me." James obeyed. James couldn't help but stare at the

most perfect set of breasts he had ever seen. He wanted to touch them, to taste them. His eyes wandered to

the lips of her glistening wet pussy. "Like what you see?" she asked. All James could do was nod and stare

at her breasts again. She reached out and took his hand to her breast. "I'm Mariah by the way" she said as

she ran his hand to her pussy. She shuddered as his finger ran across her clit. James was not sure what to

do. This was a dream fantasy come true! Mariah held his hand against her pussy and gently thrust her hips.

She let go of his hand and reached over to the now even larger bulge in his pants. "I think we need to see

what is in here" she said as she undid his fly. Mariah reached in to his pants and rubbed his cock as she

leaned over to kiss him.

James could take no more. He put his free hand around her and kissed her with more animal lust than a sex

starved prisoner. His finger thrust in her now soaking pussy rubbing her clit with every pass. His mouth

moved down her neck to her shoulders and down to the top of her breasts. He paused there briefly, teasing

her with his tongue before kissing his way to her swollen nipple. When his tongue brushed her nipple Mariah

thrust her hips in the air. Her pussy was on fire! James wanted to torture her further. He flicked his

tongue on her nipples in rythm with the strokes of his hand. When he thought she could take no more he

moved southward. Kissing below her breasts, down her stomach, and finally to the top of her slit. He

stopped his fingering long enough to blow gently on Mariah's clit. Mariah lost control. Her hips pulsed

with desire for what was next. Her head was swimming with pleasure. Then she felt it. The warm touch of his

tongue on her pussy. James flicked his tongue in her pussy savoring her delicious flavor and aroma paying

special attention to her now engorged clit. Mariah came harder than she ever had in her life. Her thighs

clentched James's head like a vise lifting him from the ground with every thrust.

When Mariah finally released James his cock needed release. James kissed his way back to Mariah's face and

as he kissed her with a passion he had never before experienced, he sunk his cock in to her waiting pussy.

Mariah was so wet he sank all the way to the base of his shaft in the first gentle thrust. James held

Mariah for a moment with his cock filling her pussy. Then he could wait no more. James slid his cock back

to the lips of her pussy, teased her for a second, and thrust back in. With every thrust Mariah begged for

more and James was happy to obey. James thrust as deep as he could grinding on Mariah's clit. His hands

fondled her breasts and he pounded on. Mariah spread her legs wide and pulled at James with her hands

trying to get him deeper and deeper. Her pelvis thrust in union with James as she built to climax. James

thrust faster and harder. Mariah arched her back and let out a moan. Her legs shook and her pussy

tightened. Mariah's orgasm sucked James's cock in to her pussy and pumped it as if her pussy was trying to

suck the cum out of James's cock. This was more than James could handle his cock exploded in her pussy

filling her deepest depths with his hot cum.

James and Mariah layed like they were until James's cock had gone limp and slid from her pussy. They got

dressed and James turned to Mariah. "When can I see you again?" he asked. "Soon" she said and with out

another word she walked in to the trees and was gone.

HONK!!!!! James jumped in his seat and swerved back to his own lane. The sight of the semi coming head on

was enough to deflate his daydream aroused cock and bring him back to reality. It had been 2 years since

his encounter with Mariah and he had not seen her since. He had asked around about Mariah but no one had

ever heard of her.

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Very nice.

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Very good. Better the the book I am reading.

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nice story (huh coco)

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nice story (huh coco)

LOl yes hunny

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