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The Karma Sutra Love Essentials Kit


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Karma Sutra Love Essentials kitKS0026main.jpg

The Karma Sutra Love Essentials Kit is a wonderful. My hubby and I were curious about the Karma Sutra line since this was the first time using the oils and honeysuckle dust. Everything smells really nice and sexy, I couldn’t get over how everything had its own fragrance, and yet all of the smells didn’t make you feel like you were in stores perfume department. They both complimented each other.

The oil is very nice and makes giving a massage even more pleasurable. As I massaged my hubby’s back we both became surrounded by the sweet smells of the oil. When I finished with his back I of course worked my way around the front and began to lightly dust the Honeysuckle dust on his chest. The dust plays tricks with your senses it smells like honeysuckle and yet tasted sweet. I just loved the combination and kept applying more with the feather and would lick off. The lube is great not to thick and just the right amount of consistency, it’s perfect for a slippery night between the sheets.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking to inspire some romance or give someone the gift of romance. The Karma Sutra Love Essentials Kit makes you want to explore every part of your partner’s body, to enjoy the feeling of being massaged with just a hint of warmth, to be tickled with just a touch of a feather, and to be kissed with just a hint of sweetness. Now who wouldn't want that for a night of love making?

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Thanks for adding the link! LOL

I LOVE Kama Sutra products too. They're sinfully divine!

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Nice review and I love Kama Sutra products.

Thank you, I really love the Karma Sutra Brand. Have you tried any of the other products from them? I have only tried a few and I recommend those to everyone I know.

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Review By:

Lady love


The KamaSutra Love Essentials Kit includes a small feather duster, Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust powder, warming massage oil and a water based lubricant.

I always wanted to try anything KamaSutra; so when I received The KamaSutra Love Essentials Kit I was Thrilled. That evening when my Always Eager Husband (AEH) came home I couldn't wait for the evening to end and our time to begin. We went to bed early and my 'AEH' first gave me a all over back massage. The massage oil felt warm and sensual. It had a pleasant smell of cinnamon, and he said it tastes like cinnamon, and warms the tongue too. When the oil was lightly blown on it felt deliciously warmer . The oil never got tacky and lasted through out the whole massage 20-30min. After a luxurious massage, I was, turned over and tickled with the feather duster. Being ticklish I didn't think I would like it, but it was surprisingly erotic and relaxing at the same time. At some point my AEH started using the Honeysuckle dusting powder. I couldn't smell it or feel it on my skin, but he sure did love licking it off. I loved the difference in his oral attention, lingering longer at the hot spots, and, finding new hot spots. At some point 'AEH' was using the feather on some areas while licking others. That was awesome! We're not sure exactly how to describe the taste but 'AEH' liked it, I didn't like it, it's to sweet for me. (It smells a little like lavender and 'AEH' enjoyed the smell while taking it off.) By this time I was extremely ready, but we rubbed some of the lube onto the whole area which only made thing even more ready....

I loved this Kit. It allowed my husband and I to slow down and pay attention to one another in these busy times. The dusting powder, and lube are good for many uses but the warming oil is only good for about 2 massages. The feather is a prize I'll be using forever.....The next morning I did feel like I needed to change the sheets because of the oil, and dusting powder so use a towel to avoid this.

I give this a 41/2 hearts out of 5

KamaSutra Love Essentials Kit

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