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Climax Burst Anti-bacterial Toy Cleanser


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Have any of you used the new anti-bacterial soaps made by Dial that have the anti-bacterial beads in them? They disintegrate or turn colors when you have reached optimal cleanliness. OR, if you have not seen those soaps, perhaps you have used those apricot facial scrubs with the cleansing beads. This toy cleaner is the same principle. It has anti-bacterial qualities with little Vitamin E cleansing beads - this will help keep your toys conditioned AND clean.

I think this is a fantastic idea - especially for those toys with ripples, ridges, nubs or any other area where germies may go to hide. Let's face it, there is a lot of juices and such that get into those tiny crevices and bacteria runs rampant. This cleansing soap does a wonderful job of disinfecting your toys and keeping them in good shape - even in the tiny crevices!

I love this new soap - and in fact, washed every toy in my toy box with it. Nothing like re-cleaning just to be safe. Everyone should be cleaning their toys before AND after each play session. So, if you are gonna do it anyway, why not make sure it is done safely and thoroughly. This is our health and no play time is worth a nasty infection! Remember to clean your toys - and this is a great product to help you do that!

Clean up your act......

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TO3145-9main.jpgClimax Bursts

I’m not big on spending extra money on antibacterial cleaners, but I have to change my opinion when it comes to this product.

Most liquid hand soaps or dish soaps leave my toys with a filmy residue, or don’t seem to have the staying power to cut through all the lubricants or body fluids that can accumulate into the creases, nubs and crevices of some toys. Climaxbursts not only quickly and throughly cleans the most stubborn surface, but has a nice clean scent, that is not overpowering, but noticeably pleasing. Not only that, but the “bursting beads” embedded into the liquid are enhanced with vitamin E and leave toys with a very soft texture (without feeling greasy). I even noticed that if I clean my toys prior to play, my coochie felt much softer afterwards!

The package says to “use a generous amount” but I have to say that I used only a nickel sized squirt, and not only were my toys clean, but the volume of soap bubbles produced was impressive. The only down side to this product, is that you do need to rinse the toy with water after rubbing in the product. For non-water proof toys, you need to be extra cautious. My other favorite part of Climaxbursts is the packaging. Strange, I know, to comment on packaging, but have you ever had just a bit of lube on your hands when trying to open up a bottle to clean up afterwards? Hard to flip open, twist, or pop most containers. This product has a large round ball on top, and just like most dish soap bottles, it pulls up around a center plug and the liquid oozes out the center. Actually in retrospect it is a bit phallic...but it is great to get your hands around, and slides open quite easily to squirt its liquid gold!

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