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*breaks out the 2x4*

Yeah, I am about to be real blunt.

For those who have a weak constitution, I apologize now in advance for the language.

My ex called me today and announces to me he will be coming this weekend, to celebrate our daughters 7th birthday.

Excuse me?!

I am so not even ready for that yet.

And who the fuck is he to just announce to me that he is planning on coming over?

Has no one ever heard of fucking asking?

I have to work this weekend.

And then he tells me hes going to get her a dream catcher for her birthday, and one for her sisters too!!

I'm sorry, I thought the idea of a birthday gift was to tailor it to the child, not just grab something at random then give an identical item to the siblings.

I told him she has been hinting at getting her ears pierced.

His fucking smart ass comes back with " don't forget her eyebrow and labret, oh and better get her nipples pierced too while your at it *insert stupid laugh*"

excuse me!!!???

When I asked him abotu it, he said " Well, I kinda object to the whole ear piercing thing"

now, back up a second here ass bite, you have your left ear pierced 5 times, you have tattoos all over your arms and legs, stomach and back, so much so it is to the point of almost being a full body mural.

And your are telling me you object to a 7 yr old girl getting her ears pierced for the first time?!!

wtf? i mean he is never around, he pays no fucking child support, he wants to get married to get out of paying support.

I am the one who takes care of these girls 24x7, I am the one working my ass off for minumum wage to make sure hey have clothes and a place to stay and food in their bellies.

I am the one who listens to them, I hear what they want and dont want.

I am the one who has to remember whos clothes are whos etc.

I know what she wants for her bithday, she has already told me.

She wants her ears pierced.

What kind of a sick fuck would suggest I get her face and nipples pierced at 7?!

When I asked him about it, he said " well you got your tongue pierced"

So what?! I was 32 at the time, that is a far cry from 7 years old!

what in gods name does that have to do with ear piercing?

not a fucking thing.

Yes, this is the same sorry piece of shit who decided his precious crack was more important than his family.

He is also the one who stole my 4 string Ibanez bass, and my car, just so he could go get high the day I went into labor with the child in question.

Fuck that shit, I am gonna get her ears pierced if that is what she wants.

He can kiss my ass.

I ought to let his scrawny happy drug addicted ass go play with the fucking ram.

One good hit from him and maybe asswipe will think twice about coming back out here.

I'm sorry guys, he just riles me up and gets me going.

Now that I am good and fuming, I think I am gonna go scrub something.


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Get that worthless piece of shit and stop holding back on his ass! If he hasn't had anything to do with her in 7 years he has no say in what you do. And don't get me wrong here. If she wants her ears pierced it is your choice whether she gets this wish. I always bitched when people pierce a childs ear(s) at birth because it wasn't the babies choice. My daughter didn't get hers until she was 15. I had offered to let her a few years before but she got scared when she saw the person there getting it done.

Just my opinion here but this fuckstick has no business thinking that he deserves to try and weasel his way back into your lives after all that shit! FUCK HIM AND FEED HIM FISHHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ditto what Pappy says!

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BTW if you told him not to show up he is TRESPASSING on your property! See where I'm going here?

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Well, as I was saying in chat earlier, Ibasically only have one real option.

I am gonna let him come down this weekend.

When he does, I am gonna set the record straight once and for all.

He always thinks I am joking.

Well se how much joking I do when I get up in his face and let him know what is what.

As for why he is not in jail.

He has spent plenty of time in jail.

the last stint was for home invasion and pety theft.

If you are referring to the non support of payment.

Meh, he can only run so long before the state nails him with his own SSN

and begins garnishing his checks.

Pappy, i wouldnt give him fisheads, too good for him.

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Wiskey I am so sorry you have to deal with this jerk. I truly hope you enjoy telling him where to go!!

Have fun getting your daughters ears pierced, she is old enough to make that choice and I am sure

it will be a great thing for the two of you to do together!!


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as a daughter of a dead beat dad, I know that it's tough. I'm sure she wants to love her father and you don't want to ruin that for her, but I gotta say if I had my way I'd shank a bitch cause he deserves. ANy person, male or female, who can bringa child into this world deserves to either lovingly take care of that child or to be dispatched , sterilized and refered to simply as a sperm (egg) donor. Get your shotgun whiskey, it's open season for assholes.

And I wasn't allowed to get my ears peirced until i was 11, my mom was scared of the gun. Dad said i wasn't allowed to cut my hair, it would make me less of a girl. They got divorced, I get ears pierced and a Hair cut.

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While it is you decision to make and I fully respect whatever decision you do make, let me just toss one thing out there, whiskey.... You said you were going to let him visit this weekend and you were going to set the record straight once and for all. Keep in mind this is on your daughter's birthday weekend... do you really want a kick-down, knock-out (even if it's only verbal) fight with your ex-husband on a day your daughter should have every happiness she wants?

If you've already told him he could visit, I'd call that sorry son of a bitch and tell him you've changed your mind. Tell him your feelings over the phone, then hang up and call it done. Have your kids spend the hours you're working at their friends houses (where your daughter can show off her newly pierced ears *snicker*) and have the phone on hand when you are home -- pappy's right: if you've told him not to show-up, he'll be trespassing. I'd rather call the cops then let a fuckwit like that into my home.

Good luck, girl, and please let us know how the weekend went...

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You are beggining to scare me a lil bit.

Yes, your right, that describes the situation to a fucking T.

I would love to get my shotgun and call open season on morons... but, the judge told me I can not play with guns, or sharp objects anymore..

Go figure, I mean, the guys arm healed and you can't really see the scar anymore....no sense of humor I tell ya, NONE!

Yes, I am only kidding on that.

But, murder is illegal, and I would really like to see my girls graduate.


I hadn't really PLANNED on having her birthday party this weekend, more like next weekend.

Mainly because I was going to request that weekend off, so I could bake her cake, buy the goodie bags, make up invites etc.

I am sure she would like to have friends over for her party as well.

Now I am gonna print up invites and call parents on the phone giving them ZERO time to think it over.

I really wanted to do it next weekend, when the girls come off their groundation, and I told him this.

I told him, they broke one of my top 5 rules, I will not bend on them, punishment is swift, just and harsh.

Of course if you ask them... I am abusing them witht he grounding thing.

But they will learn, you do not play on the railroad tracks.

Part of their punishment is no playing outside.

He wants to take them to the park.

is it just me or is he trying to unermine me here?

How are they going to learn their leson if he does the exact oposite of what im trying to do?

I dunno about the rest of you, but to me, no playing outside means NO PLAYING OUTSIDE!!

The only time they are allowed outside is to either take out the trash, to catcth their bus or to get off the bus and come in.

No bike riding, no playing with the animals, no hide and seek, NOTHING.

And he wants tot ake them to the PARK?!


The whole situation just pisses me off to no end.


while I was typing this reply, he called...

Seems he cant make it down for the middle girls birthday, he has tow ork, so could we do it like a month later so he can make it?!


I postponed her birthday last year AT HER REQUEST because her grandmother was dying of cancer,

she asked not to have a party last year because her grandma could not make it.

She wanted one so bad, but her grandma died, and she cancelled it.

she told me if her grandma couldnt be tehre, she didnt want it.

Thats all she wanted, her grandma to be well enough to make her party.

sorry guys, im so mad im crying right now.

Ill edit this later

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I'm sorry sweetheart. Look on the positive, now you can make it next weekend like you had planned. The girls will be off groundation and can enjoy the party, and you can too without letting them think they got away with anything. Tell him that the party is next weekend, if he wants to celebrate it later that his business but your not pushing back plans for your daughter. i love ya hun, and i wish you nothing but the best (and maybe a little of the worst for him).


PS I would always take a trip out the and off him for you, really why would I want to kill someoen I don't even know? ;)

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What a sad story for her to miss her own birthday last year. Since my brain didn't catch this earlier please tell her happy birthday from me with big hugs. She sounds like a real sweetheart who should have a great party this year to make up for the last one!

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Whiskey, just have the party next wekend like you planned. Your little girl deserves this party now--well, next week when she isn't grounded. If the asshole wants to come next month, he can give her a gift then. (Bet he makes another excuse next month.)

Try not to let him get to you. He's not worth it!

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Ahh a parent who grounds and actually sticks to it. I love it. No, seriously, I do!!

Like Suzy mentioned, look at the positive: you can have the party when you were originally planning and (yay) he won't be there. :D

I'm so sorry you have an ass like him to deal with, but at least now you have the chance to do things how you wanted. :)

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He does have a long way to go to EARN his way back into that poor girl's life! SHE above everyone else is the most important! SORRY WW. He hasn't even come close!

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And he never has had, nor will he ever, any right to talk to you in that tone of face! For that matter I haven't either but this is from a friend! Aren't we expected to be more vocal?

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Well, he is here, and already pushing some serious butons.

I was in the truck, driving, he pulled out a small pill bottle, opened it and shoved it under my nose, it was full of either washed cocaine.

Now we are begining to really test my patience, and he hasnt even been here for an hour yet.

This is his last visit.

I will not tolerate drugs around my children, he made his choice.

He chose the drugs over his kids, point blank.

Now it is time for me to break out the 2x4.

I am tired, I don't want to fight anymore, so I am gonna go to bed.

I have to work at 6 am.

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WW and Suzy--

I'm real good with a sniper rifle if you change your mind. :D Kinda have a long history with a dkhd of my own... I understand your feelings completely. Stay strong WW!!!! We're ALL behind you!!!


I'm game is WW is game!

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You are a good mom, WW. You have daughters anyone would be proud of.

One of the best things you did was remove that loser of a dad that they had.

They see you work hard, stand up for yourself and take care of your family, and weather it seems like they are paying attention or not, they are.

You are showing them how to be a smart strong woman, and that they are important to you.

You are teaching them what is important in life. I admire that.

Enjoy your daughters party, and when she gets her ears pierced, imangine us all there clapping and cheering for her.

Keep an eye on the loser until he leaves town. Call the police if you have to.

Be safe, we all care about you.

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