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One banana, two banana, three banana four...five banana, six banana, seven banana MORE! Oh there are many 'bananas' in this DVD - and by banana I mean COCK of course! This DVD is jam packed with favorite scenes featuring one woman and 2 guys - hence, a double banana in each scene!

Some scenes have double blowjobs, some have one penetration and one blowjob, others have double penetration - but they are all HOOOTTT! If you like seeing a girl getting serviced by two men at once (or servicing two men) then this DVD is definitely for you! There are stars a plenty in this film: Briana Banks, Lola, Tawney Roberts, Nicole Sheridan, Randy Spears, and Dale Dabone just to name a select few. There is over 2 hours of pussy banging fun in this DVD (with 3 commercials even???)

The women are varied from current stars to those faves of the past. Most are beautiful and well maintained - a few were a little lacking in the bust department for me. The soundtrack is a bit off of the film - but you can still see and hear your share of dirty, nasty talking and dirty deeds to boot. There is no plot as this is a complilation of many different movies - which is nice so you can just fast forward to the stars you want to see.

This is a 'just get off watching hot sex' film - no muss, no fuss - just watch these beauties getting banged but good by some well hung and nicely toned male studs. My favorite scene? Has to be the double finger banging (2 fingers per man) that one hot gal got followed by a tremendous double penetration that left her cum soaked and asking for more. A close second was the bad bride scene: hint, two men and a wedding cake - what could you do with that?

This DVD also comes with a second, full feature BONUS DVD called "The Glass Cage" - which was a bit odd, hard to follow, but had some good sex and hot scenes as well. While it is typical, old style porn - it is still worth the watch, but it was not the better of the two DVDs.

So, you know bananas are good for you - so jump on the Second Banana Bandwagon and get your fill of HOT DP action, plus a freebie bonus DVD.

One Banana, Two Bananas....

Get this DVD for FREE

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Get ready for a whole bunch of bananas, cause Vivid's a fruit vendor this month and has us getting down and dirty with another clip show highlighting some sizable sultry scenes. If you've fantasized about the coveted threesome with two guys and a girl, Second Banana is gonna be your hot banana!

This gem of a DVD gives it all to us with lots of close up shots of multiple penetrations, cum shots all over the body, blow jobs and down right dirtiness! Vivid got it right by warming us up with a clip from "Aftermath" starring Brianna Banks and some available alien studs. Gotta love aliens with cocks! Lots of rowdy sex in this clip show with multiple porn stars galore. All clips give the name of the film they're taken from too in case you want to check out the full length feature on your own. Their are some great scenarios in a handful of the clips from wedding drama to dirty mechanics to security guards being naughty. Condoms are worn in most of the scenes. And it's a pretty good mix of blondes and brunettes with a handful of some asian stars, most of them fairly busty.

The best part of clip shows is if your not into one of the clips, you just fast forward. There's at least one clip on here for anyone interested in this style of seduction. If you are looking for story line, romance, or foreplay, this is the wrong film for you. This DVD is straight to the point penetration and masturbation, comparable to an up close voyeuristic approach at the gynocologist. You're not going to get roses and candlelight endeavors here! If you've fantasized about seeing a woman get penetrated in more than one hole, than I say try a Second Banana. Hey maybe you'll even want a third!

Get your HOT Banana's right here

P.S. Need a little extra help to get in the mood? Try using this banana while watching your flick ;)

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LOl Ginger - putting in the banana link....genius! :lol:

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well my wife just got it in the mail so we will check it out when im home on R&R

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Here comes a barrel of…BANANAS!! If 1-girl-2-guys action is your thing, than you will LOVE this 4-hour collection of clips of nothing but the “extra banana”.

Yes, the movie has a-peel, with all sorts of different types of scenes, and no “slip-ups” either! You have banana splits, banana sundaes, banana pies, lots and lots of bananas!

Start going bananas with Alien Bananas, and go from there onto a session on the couch, paybacks, blue fantasies, scenes from the early 90’s, playing doctors and nurse, something for motorcycle enthusiasts, and, yes, even a few commercial breaks (for adult phone lines & condoms) you definitely have a large variety to pick and choose from.

Movie clips from such adult films like “Betrayed By Beauty”, “Emotions”, “Implode”, “Hidden Desires”, “If You Only Knew”, “The Wedding” (which I did a review on that whole DVD), “Unlovable” (another I did a review on the full DVD for), “Unconscious”, “Another Woman’s Eyes”, some with no specific films that they belong too, “Watcher 11”, and many more! You have clips ranging from high quality, to scenes that were obviously low budget on this DVD.

With stars like Evan Stone, Savanna Samson, Tawny Roberts, Miko Lee, Voodoo, Briana Banks, to tantalize and tease, there are romantic scenes, down & dirty scenes, or just plain getting it on, this DVD is sure to have something for everyone’s tastes!

So, you decide, how would you like YOUR extra banana?

The bonus disk is called “The Glass Cage”, and that’s 90 minutes long.

Starring Kobe Tai, Vince Voyuer, TJ Hart, Sindee Coxx, Mark Davis, Chastity, and more, this short film starts out with 2 girls going at it at a dinner party, with the guys watching them go at it with tongues, fingers, & toys, and just goes from there…

This film is cute, in a cheesy sort of way, but it’s got some great sex, close ups, and HOT bods, even if the dialog and plot is lacking. But, hey, it’s a bonus, so it’s all good!

Second Banana anyone?

June 2008 DVD of the Month

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