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With all teh crap I have put up with in the last month from work,

I think I may have fnally reached my breaking point...

I have stood by and became the whippin dog for the boss.

Everything that has gone wrong, I have taken the blame for.

Even if I had the day off, I would take the blame.

I took out my top stud earring, because the bos said so.

I gave up my mother day gift, a beautiful flying heart necklace that teh girls gave me, because the boss said so.

I have gone in early and stayed late, because the bos said so.

I have done everything that the boss has said, because she is the boss.

Today however is the last straw..

The assitant manager hurt her hand last week,

she was supposed to be off until today, she was scheduled from 11 to 8.

She never called or showed up.

She waltzes in like she owns the joint at 2 o clock!!

She pulled a no call, no show, and she still has her job!!??

And because she still has her job and her hand is screwed up, she gets to take the next 2 weeks off....

the same weeks that the boss is on vacation...

wich leaves one gal and myself to run the place for 2 weeks.

no days off.


AND... the boss told me today I can not keep my tongue ring, not even a retainer.

I have to get rid of it, period.

not as in, " take it out when your working" but " get rid of it, they are useless and stupid and unprofessional"

excuse me.... the gals over at teh starbucks have their noses pierced, they have labrets, multiple ear piercings and about 50 necklaces on.

I have to give up the one I wear under my shirt, because of.....???

Fuck that shit.

They can al kiss my ass.

I have had it.

Mom did not raise a quitter, but I am beginnign to feel more like a drone than a person.

I mean I can not make a single choice without having it cleared by 5 differant managers, and we are talking about something as trivial and simple as soup flavors!

besides, right now, I am just working to pay the baby sitter, I am not getting ahead, so i dont even know why i am working at all.

i think im gona start looking for a differant job.

ok, i think im done ranting for now.

time for me to go make a beer run

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Normally I would say line up the next before you quit this one but this doesn't appear to be a worthy job. I was fired from my Cstore job because I refused to cut my pony-tail off. I had it when they hired me and I wasn't even looking for a job. They asked me. I told them then it would not be cut. Funny thing is I cut it a few weeks later and donated it to the "Locks For Love" drive. (My second time). This one was past my butt cheeks when they cut it.

You do not have to put up with this BS. There are many jobs out there, if a person wants one they are available.

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I would highly recommend that you check your state's worker's rights laws. Now, depending on the company you are working for, there are just some things that they CANNOT tell you to do. Such as remove a small necklace when others wear them blatantly. Unless offensive to the majority, they can't do that.

Unfortunately, tongue rings are a usual no-no in most "professional" settings. However, getting one of the retainers is usually acceptable, since they can't be seen. So what if they don't know you still have it?

You will encounter (as you know now) that some employees have more lax rules than others, depending on seniority, status, and how they get along with the boss. It's a fact of life. Highly unfair, but it's there.

If this is a corporation, you NEED to go over your boss's head and demand a sit-down, whether you leave or not. Either way, they're making your life hell, to get you to leave, and for your health and peace of mind, (and I'm not usually the one to say give up), but I would recommend that you leave, and REPORT their ass!! Including maybe even contacting the media and the BBB of your area. Standing up for yourself is always a good thing, but being beaten up for it, is NOT!!!

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Okay now that I cleared my head a little. Your tongue ring may be against health code, I know in PA it is. However the way it was brought up was very inapporpriate. I believe being forced to work two weeks full time no time off is illegal, look into labor laws near you.

As far as your AM goings when I worked at a restaurant I worked nights and this guy Star worked mornings. You have no idea how many times I got called from his morning employees that he hadn't show up. I'd go flying in (in PJs no less) to open, the owner would complain that I was out of dress code. Not that the other guy was three hours late to open, but that I was iin flip-flops because they were handy. We also did catering, after rushing to get it all together (thank got I did all the cold stuff the night before) Star had the balls to ask me if I wanted to deliver it. I looked at him and told him "I'm in my pajamas. HUrry you ass up" I tried to hidein the back all morning but naturally I got called out front to help. Oh those pooir customers. Again I got yelled at for being out of uniform. When I complained that my shift was being treated unfairly and that my employees need more encouragement rather than being told what was wrong (usually caused by the morning shift) I got fired. Moral of my story? Be careful when you complain. In stead document everything. If you have teh power to write her up then do it.

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Hey guys.

Thanks for the replies.

I got a phone call at 6 30 this morning... asking why I was not in at work.

I told them " I was told I had today off, and to be to work tomorrow morning at 5 am"

then I am told " oh no, your supposed to be here today at 5.."

They have rearranged the schedule AGAIN, without asking if I can work it or not.

Tough shit, they told me they had today covered, I am taking the day off, fuck that.

I don't know about you guys, but when I see days off on the schedule, I try to plan things around those days.

Errands, trips, appointments etc.

I have tried telling them this, I have PLANS, I have made these plans according to my days off.

I can not drop appointments at the drop of a hat, because the assitant has decided that her finger hurts too much to do paperwork.

The Holiday inn is hiring drivers.

I am gonna see if I can't get in there, even as a prep cook.

Oh, and Tyger,

I did ask about the retainer ring.

I was told no, none at all.

I have to give it up, period.

uh, wrong answer.

I am checking into the whole 2 week off thing now.

It looks as though it may be illegal, especially since I am union.

Don't you think they would love to get wind of this?!

That is my next step up.

The GN won't do anything, except side with them.

So, since none of the managmen team will listen and see my POV of the situation.

I am gonna go to the union.

See how THEY like the idea of one of their people having to work 2 weeks solid.

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I got fired today :huh:

I was considered a no call no show

Seems that they tweeked the schedule again, I was supposed to be there at 5 am, and no one bothered telling me.

They called me at 8 am, wondering WHY i wasn't in.

I called last night to see when I was supposed to be in..

The manager said there was an X on today, meaning I had the day off.

No, I am not gonna fight it either, fuck em.

No job is worth killing myself over.

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Grr, sounds like a buncha bull to me!

I worked for a place that would change the schedule and not call the people they changed around. Would just put a note on the time clock. I can't tell you how many times I got calls at 9 AM asking where I was when I was scheduled for 3 PM, they had changed the schedule on my day off and never called!

I'm sorry you got fired, but I can't help but think that you're better off!

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I'm so sorry hun! Just when things were looking up. If your union, maybe you can find a job through them? I'm not sure how unions work, I've never been in one. I'm so sorry hun. You could fight it if you had a copy of the schedule. But your probably better off without them anyway. There's a few openings at the quarry....

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