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Hey, I am just wondering what everyone thinks to be the best anal toy they have played with. I know 12G is a big fan of his Mr Big and all, but what about some of the others here?

I have had my wife penetrate me with two items. One being a pink jelly plug that vibrates and the other a blue contoured vibe. I like the both, but want something that I can keep in all the time. I like the plug, but the base is really round so when I am doing her from behind, it tends to want to come out. Is there a toy that can I can find that will help with this?

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Ahhhh... Crazy, we are deep into ANAL land now huh? Good for you. Well, the problem with having anal plugs in while fucking your wife is the natural muscle contractions while doing so makes the plug want to expel - you almost have to be on your back and let her do the work while you have the plug in.

I might try the Jessica Drake Glittering probe - it has a smaller base - it may not want to come out as easily because it is longer. Or perhaps the Silicone Ultra Wireless - it is smaller, but has a wide base.

This will definitely be a challenge for you - but I am sure as your ass gets conditioned to it, it will work out!

good luck - let us know how it goes!


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This isn't so much a preference, just yet - I'm still looking for new toys myself. I do like my vibrating pleasure beads and my spectra gels beaded anal vibrator (albeit a little too soft for me). Yes, I'm am really enjoying the anal avenue. :D

I found that I really enjoy the double penetration experience. I wouldn't have thought that it would be this incredible, but omg it is! I have found that I am actually wanting to have anal penetration more than vaginal right now - maybe because it is still a "new" experience, but I guess my sexual nature is really starting to explode right now - he he he he he. Am I crazy for this? :P

I would like to find a vibrating anal toy that has a suction cup for use in the shower, and also one that is also more smooth. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me?

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