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What Are The Best Bj Positions?


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Hello and welcome! I have two suggestions for you:

First, read the educational articles. I have written quite a few on oral sex, and one in particular on Blowjob positions:

Going, Down, Up or All Around

Second, read through the oral sex section of the forum. Our posters have given off many wonderful helpful hints on almost anything related to, well, anything. Check it out!

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any position where we can see all the action...real slow, and at the very end, watching ejaculation onto the tongue...dreamy

Hey were you spying on me the other night??? :P

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Maybe I'm boring, but personally I think the good old guy-lying-on-his-back-girl-on-top is the best allaround blowjob position. I mean, I'll gladly play around with other positions for a while, or maybe even a whole session; but I'll always come back to the classic.

But other than that, one I like is standing up and her on her knees. For shorter periods the 69 or the star 69 are great exciting alternatives as well.

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