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Not sure what to purchase?

Enjoy being alone. Self pleasure.

Well hon, I would love to suggest some toys for you, but I will need some more information - a lot more actually.

First, do you want just clitoral stimulation? Or, do you want penetration AND clitoral stimulation (my preference)

Perhaps you want just penetration?

Realistic or does it not matter? Jelly, Silicone or rubber? Does texture matter?

Are you into anal? Do you need something that can do both anal and vaginal?

Will you be with a partner at all - need something to use with him or her too?

Ifyou give me a little more information - I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction - you can always check the toy reviews on the top too - there are some by myself and other reviewers!

Let me know!

Mikayla :rolleyes:

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Well, for me, personally, I think that the first few toys, should be bought at a store, so you can look, handle and feel the toys. Some look really cool online, or in catalogs, but end up feeling gross, or too hard. Not what you expect. Good luck to you!!

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Yes, yes, yes. Look at the shopping part of this site, it gives you so many choices and you can read a lot of the reviews as well. If you are one of those that likes to see things up close, by all means print the page out, I DO. :D If you haven't visited an adult store and there is one in your area, take the pages with you (btw - the one that I know of that is "near" me is about a 30-40 min drive).

I will admit, I was VERY intimidated and embarassed myself when I went in to purchase my first toy, but I went in armed with my pages and simply asked. :unsure: The people that work there are usually more than willing to help you find what you are interested in. Not all toys that you are interested in on any site will you find in every shop, but they can make suggestions too. I was even asked by employees what site I found the toys on that I was looking to purchase because they became interested the same toy, but they didn't stock it (I tell them right here). :P

I have purchased thru the shopping section of this site, since I couldn't find the toys that I wanted at the store that I saw here. The package is very discrete, my sister even handed my package to me and had NO IDEA what it held inside. :D

And by all means ask away here, if you read the posts you will see that there are many people here that can give you advice, suggestions and more concise information. Mikayla's reviews and suggestions on toys (as well as the many others) even got me to purchase some that I wouldn't have, and boyyyyy was she right on them. :P

Good Luck to you and welcome!

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