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Ok girls, if you are looking for a toy that will bring you gently to orgasm but deliver a BIG BANG when you get there, this little cutie is for you! Or, if you want a toy that is super quiet - this will do the trick! I am talking about the Blissful Berries Mini Vibe. Here is the link, and here is my review:


This is the cutest little mini vibrator I have ever seen – but I seriously doubted that it would do anything but become a dusty fixture in my nightstand – boy was I wrong! This tiny little vibe deserves its name – the Blissful Berries Mini Vibe brought me to a state of bliss in a manner I am not quite accustomed to!

As all of you know, I have quite an assortment of vibrators – so when this one came in my box from TooTimid I had my doubts. I thought it would be way too small to deliver – but it was pink and cute – exactly what I like, so I thought what the heck! It comes with its own batteries – HOW COOL IS THAT - I opened up the package, put in the batteries and turned it on!

Just then, my hubby walked in and saw me and my teeny, tiny vibe. Doubting that it would do anything for me - I mean, my favorite vibe as of lately has been The Heart On - he agreed out of sheer curiosity (and horniness) to help me use it. “Is it on?” he asked. “Sure is,” I replied. It is so super quiet you can barely hear it. Definitely a MUST HAVE for anyone with roommates!

I leaned back on the pillows as my hubby went for my nipples first. The sensations are very different from my other vibrators. The jelly “berry” cover makes the vibrations more subtle, but definitely noticeable and pleasurable. The entire jelly sleeve vibrates for a completely different sensation!

As he went down for the kill I spread my legs and he concenrated on my clit. As he gently rubbed it around my pussy, I noticed that the texture of the jelly cover combined with the vibrations were really making me hot! I must say, I am usually a girl who likes the intense vibrations of a super powerful vibe – but this little Blissful Berries Vibe had my number right quick!

I think it is due to the rounded jelly cover on the vibe – but when placed on the clitoris – the sensations are divine! My entire clitoral area was being gently vibrated and the buildup to orgasm was slow and sweet. Although this vibe took longer than some of the more powerful vibes to get me to orgasm, the trip there was heavenly! It took a full five minutes for me to orgasm – which is a long time for me – but when I finally came – I came in a rush of massive orgasms! The buildup was so slow that the charge of pleasure overtook me like a wave!

This little cutie surprised the heck out of both my hubby and me! I suppose I should no longer judge these toys simply by size! (Haven't we all learned that size doesn't always matter??) At a mere 3 inches long this little baby gave me some of the most intense orgasms I have had in quite a while! Next time I might remove the jelly cover – an extra feature of this little vibe – and see how much more intense the vibrations get without it on. Then again, why mess with something that has already launched me into such a state of orgasmic bliss?

Highly recommended by ME!

Happy Orgasming!

Mikayla ;)

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Glad that worked for you.

It looks like some warped disco ball!! :lol:

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LOL...you are right, it does look very funny. However, for the money it is soooo worth a try! This little baby will surprise you at the gentle nature of the vibrations, the way it brings you oh so softly to orgasm, and you can't beat the quietness with a stick! I will stick by this baby for sure!


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Blissful Berry Vibe


I was so excited to try this waterproof vibe out, especially reading Mikayla's review on it. And, in response to my original comment, it really does look like a warped disco ball!! LOL

It is so cute at about 3" long, with it's bulbous monster raspberry rubbery removable topper. I also love the fact that it comes with two sets of batteries. Gotta love the extras. There's a little sleeve inside the tiny bullet, to tell you which way the small batteries go, and also to prevent battery rattle. Turn it on, and you have some medium strength vibes, that are also pretty quiet.

Settling down for some personal fun, I loved how the smooth little bumps all over can cover a lot of area with little effort. Since the vibes aren't as strong as I like, or intense, it did take me a bit to get to "O Land", teasing, caressing, and then trying to concentrate the vibes on my clit. But when I did finally reach it, it was a nice gentle orgasm. After a couple of times, I did find that this little berry drains the batteries quickly. Probably because I need a stronger vibe, so it took me longer to get the stimulation that I prefer.

I'd give this little bullet a 2.5 out of 4 Tyger Paw rating.

Add Berries to your Sexual Diet!

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Awww, how cute! I wish it had stronger vibes. I can't see buying a toy just because it is cute ... but then again ... <_<

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