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Newbie Here...looking For A G-o!


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hello all....

i've been lurking for a while and finally ordered some toys. I've read many of your posts and like a lot of you i'm in my mid 40s and I think about sex way more lately! I've been married 25 years and for the most part our sex life is awesome! however, hubby has been having some ED issues lately...he's 52. Anyway, I just received an order of pandora, smart balls and Max size male enhancement creme for him. I hope it works for him because sometimes i just need more!!! (He would die if he knew I said this.....)

I'm also very interested in the gspot orgasm and ejaculation. I am usually cum twice when he does oral.... and the second one is mind blowing...... don't know if that's vaginal, though. anyway.... i've been masturbating a lot to try to work on the gspot Os..... that's my next project!!

thanks for all the good info on here......


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WelCUM to the board! B)

I'm glad you've been reading up on things and finally decided to join. Just when you think you've read it all, you find more! :)

Have you checked out Mikaylas wonderful plethora of articles?

Don't be a stranger now and let us know how your items work for you! Good luck!

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Welcome! You are in the right place!

Everybody here is very helpful and supportive.

I've learned so much here in the past year, and I hope you do, too!

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