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Dear Sirs,

I live in India and its very difficult to get sex-toys here.

I did once order a vibra-exciter from another website, which the postal department here confisicated. :(

Anyways, can any stuff be arranged for delivery to me? If so, I would certainly like to upgrade my collection of just the three plugs i own.

Pls. help.


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If sex toys are either highly regulated, or prohibited, then it's a huge financial risk for you to get them to you. If they x-ray packages they deem suspicious, then pretty much anything can be seen and it's highly likely that it'll be confiscated. Although, if you're going to try to do something like that, I'd recommend something with NO electronics in it. Less likely to be guessed at, & it won't beep at a metal detector scanning. Not sure if they scan with x-rays, metal detectors, or just guessed what it was due to the return label on your last purchase.

Meaghan, who is in charge of shipping stuff out (amoungst her many other duties), would be the one to contact. She can look up rules & regs with ease, and find out, if they can ship to India safely.

Best wishes!

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