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Waterproof 6 3/4" Slender Probe


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OK...so when I picked this toy I intended on using it anally. It is marketed as a 'pleasure probe' for anal use. However, when it took it out of the box I thought it looked remarkably like a G-Spot toy. Made of hard plastic with an egg shaped head that curves slightly, and it is waterproof! All the making of a great G-spot toy. So, I thought, 'why not use it BOTH ways?'

My hubby has been gone for a few days on business, what better time to use a toy than for a 'welcome home' night of fun? I got the toy ready by inserting the 2AAA (yes, triple A) batteries, washing it, and testing it out for speed. It has a rotating dial to up the vibrations. It is relatively quiet, has good vibrations that are all centered in the head of the toy.

After kissing, touching and caressing, I was ready to introduce him to our new bedroom buddy. His reaction was less than stellar, 'it is a little small, isn't it?' I didn't realize my hubby had become accustomed to seeing large and in charge toys inserted into me.

I reassured him that this was a G-spot toy.....then the light went on! G-Spot toy + Me = ggguuusshhh! OK, so now he was on board. I fluffed my pillows and settled in for the fun. He teasted and taunted me with the head on my clit and then he inserted. It is really smooth, not too large at a mere inch or so wide. He teased my insides while giving my clit some much needed tongue time. Soon, I felt my excitement build, which is the best time to find the G-Spot. He found it like an expert gynecologist and put on the pressure. My suspicions were spot on - this toy is EXCELLENT for G-Spot penetration! In a matter of seconds I was squirting all over. It was a fantastic rush.

After coming down a bit, we moved on to sex. I told my hubby to get our new toy again. He looked confused, but obeyed nicely. I told him I was going to get in reverse cowgirl and I wanted him to stick the toy up my ass. 'Ohhh, it is a double duty toy,' he said excitedly.

Once on, I leaned forward slightly so my ass was front and center. He began to work the probe into me with a smear of lubricant added. This toy easily goes in - it is smooth and small and felt GREAT! He got the toy to a comfortable spot and I began to orgasm! I didn't even have to move! We finished up in a raging doggy style, with the toy humming in my ass and my hubby in my pussy! It was maginificent!

When we were done, I mentioned that he might want to try some anal penetration with this toy. 'Maybe next time love,' he said....and I could tell he meant it!

NOTE: When using toys for vaginal AND anal use, never double dip! Only go from vaginal to anal, NEVER anal to vaginal. Make sure you clean the toy fully before reuse.

Probe me baby...one more time

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Great review! Thanks!

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Gotta love versatile toys!!! Thanks for the super-stimulating review!!

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