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R U Gay?

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Hi All,

Yep, I'm gay (no caps on "G"ay, please..it's not that special..just gay). But I do buy and enjoy toys in my attic. It's OK to talk about that too, I feel.

Do you agree?

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Of course it is OK, we welcome all people.......and I assume 'attic' is a metaphor....but I do wonder why it isn't 'basement.'

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Welcome! My take on life as always been as long as it doesn't hurt others, everyone as a right to do what they want - so if you want toys in your attic, go for it! I am scared of my attic, literally, so I keep mine in the bedroom. ;) Glad to have you here and look forward to reading your posts.

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Welcome to the forums!! We love diversity, and we welcome differences. I look forward to seeing your posts!!! :)

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