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  1. Did you know?

    Di you know the swimsuit bikini was named after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, just after atomic bomb testing started on the atoll. It was hoped the bikini would have an "explosive" impact.
  2. Image Wars 3

  3. Can I delete my old topics?

    I think the admins can delete them, but not regular peeps.
  4. Why does the tip of almost every table knife in my kitchen drawer look like it's been used for a screwdriver?
  5. Time For Yourself?

    I musta missed this one also. I don't set aside particular days or evenings for self time. Self time just kind of works out naturally. After work I am usually pretty mentally spent, so I spend the evenings goofing off on the internet. The wife is off having her Facebook fights, so she keeps herself entertained. And now that the kids are teenagers, they don't want nuttin to do with the parents. On summer weekends I go for longish bike rides, which is more self time, plus plenty of yard work.
  6. Image Wars 3

  7. Word Association Game

    Take it
  8. Word Association Game

  9. ?

    I don't know either, but it has been done in the past by others. Might need to contact a site administrator and make the request.
  10. I tried Viagra a couple of times (for low sex drive that seems to hit every winter). Gave me a hardon that didn't want to go away, but didn't make me horny in the least. Took me forever to come. It was more of a chore than a pleasure.
  11. Elated? No. Although I did vote for Trump (but my state went for Clinton so my vote didn't matter) and I was mildly pleased that he won despite all the predictions, I did not like either candidate. Both had a lot of strikes against them. I was undecided all the way up to the election. All of the third party candidates this year were Bozos. There were a lot of reasons that had me leaning one way or the other at various times. In the end, I thought Hillary was too deceitful. Plus as Obamacare kicked in, my health premiums spiked and my benefits shrunk. Hillary would guarantee more of that; with Trump, at least there is a teensy microscopic glimmer of hope for improvement. Time will tell what kind of president Trump will be. I am not expecting much to be elated about. And I keep telling myself, "Hillary would have been worse. I think."
  12. Crotch or Butt

    < ... I'll inhale so as to get a nice whiff of her. ... > You mean, I'm not the only one that does that? LOL.
  13. Starter Condoms

    Suppose you are a modern, progressive, forward thinking parent, and decide to keep a stock of condoms on hand in case one of your coming-of-age kids needs one but is too embarrassed to go buy their own. Is there a basic brand/model that would be good? It has been a very long time since I purchased or used condoms. Lubricated, for sure. What about latex vs non-latex? (I have a latex allergy/sensitivity, but these would not be for me.) The girl I first boinked back in the day, and who was much wiser than me, recommended Ramses Extra (which I think got bought up by Durex and is no longer made by that name) because it was lubricated and had minoxidil-9 (or maybe nonoxynol-9; one makes hair grow on your palms and one is a spermicide) to kill any runaway sperms. I have since read that nonoxynol-9 in that application does not really help prevent pregnancy, and can irritate the vagina and make the girl more susceptible to contracting HIV, so I would shy away from nonoxynol-9 in the starter condom search.
  14. Crotch or Butt

    Supposin' you are squeezing past seated people in a row of movie theater seats. Is it better to face your crotch toward them as you scoot past, or your butt? (I'm thinking butt, but don't know if there is a universal custom or not.)
  15. New place for Whacky Weather. How's Yours?

    And down to the single digits again this weekend. Then maybe a bunch of snow next week.