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  1. What would you do?

    Not sure. I'd probably feel pretty glum. If only 6 mo. to live, I'd kind of expect to be feeling shitty enough not to be able to enjoy doing the things i like to do. If I can still work, I'd probably keep working -- still gotta feed the family. Maybe I'd try to visit a couple of my favorite places one last time. I'd try to keep in mind that sometimes people outlive doctors' predictions. Stephen Hawking was supposed to have died about 50 years ago.
  2. Jumping Back In

    Welcome back.
  3. Sorry to all

    I have to laugh a little. I don't like being around negative people, yet I can be pretty negative. I'm trying to do better.
  4. Lottery

    Assuming it's a pretty good sized lottery, quit my job. Take a long and restful vacation. Maybe start a business or two, with the goal of them doing something to better the world in some way, and if they lose money, it won't matter. Give some away to worthy causes. Doing more of my own cooking and eating better, and getting more exercise. Spend more time outside doing things I enjoy.
  5. Nature

    No pic. Is it gone, or is it something wrong on my end?
  6. Achieving

    Repair the basement window before winter. I've been putting it off for about five years. (part of the problem is I don't quite know how to go about it.)
  7. Anyone?

    I wouldn't say depressed, but definitely some bluesiness. With the shorter days and cooler whether, I feel like I need more sleep, have less energy (mental more than physical), and my libido takes a hit.
  8. That one word

    I don't think there is one I can think of. My wife has called me an asshole, but there is some accuracy to that.
  9. Is my boss coming on to me?

    There is no shortage of dickheads who will try to see how far they can bend the rules, or flat out break them without getting caught, and then if they do get caught, have a knack for sweet talking there way out of it.
  10. What are you drinking tonight!

    Beer. Long Trail Ale. So i guess technically an ale, but I could never remember the difference between beer, ale, lager, porter, and whatever other flavor beer comes in. Except stout, I kinda have an idea what stout is. You should be able to stand a spoon up in a good stout . . .
  11. Edit

    Di you know the swimsuit bikini was named after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, just after atomic bomb testing started on the atoll. It was hoped the bikini would have an "explosive" impact.
  12. Image Wars 3

  13. Can I delete my old topics?

    I think the admins can delete them, but not regular peeps.
  14. Why does the tip of almost every table knife in my kitchen drawer look like it's been used for a screwdriver?
  15. Time For Yourself?

    I musta missed this one also. I don't set aside particular days or evenings for self time. Self time just kind of works out naturally. After work I am usually pretty mentally spent, so I spend the evenings goofing off on the internet. The wife is off having her Facebook fights, so she keeps herself entertained. And now that the kids are teenagers, they don't want nuttin to do with the parents. On summer weekends I go for longish bike rides, which is more self time, plus plenty of yard work.