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  1. Lisa's Man

    Recipes To Re-energize

    Ok, TT and our SO's have the sex thing cornered.. what about food? (eating, not playing with.) I've been toying around the idea for this thread for long enough.. if it sinks like the Titanic, so be it.. I've tried. Here are a couple of my own recipes to share with you.. hoping to see some new ones from others. Pork chop marinade/ basting mix Honey Dijon mustard mixed with maple syrup. I don't have a ratio or specific measurements.. I do it by taste but when tasting, you should be able to taste both flavors. I put some maple syrup in a small bowl first, and add the mustard, mixing and tasting until it's just right. Then just baste it on the pork chops (I've yet to try this on steaks or chicken.. yet.) as you grill them. The flavor is outstanding and really holds the juices in because of the caramelizing of the syrup. My Easy Baked Spaghetti. 1lb of spaghetti 1lb of bacon (microwave or "the good stuff".. I've used both.) 1/2 lb of Extra sharp cheddar cubed 1/2lb of Pepper Jack cheese cubed (this adds some kick.. if You don't want the kick, use extra sharp cheddar instead, making a it a full lb) 1-2 cans of diced tomatoes Boil the spaghetti as usual, strain and rinse. Cook the bacon and crumble into bite sized pieces. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Using a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients, mixing by hand until everything is well mixed together. Place the mixture into a 13x9 baking pan Bake for 45 minutes to an hour until cheese is melted throughout. Slice like you would lasagna and serve. Anybody else have a recipe they'd like to share? Hello? Anyone? Bueller?
  2. Lisa's Man

    Name Some Of Your Physical Turn-ons

    See "morning wood" thread. Absolutely.. You could show your appreciation after.
  3. Lisa's Man

    Word Association Game

  4. Lisa's Man

    Tpbm (the Person Below Me)

    Nope.. same pair of buns I'm always on. LMAO!! (I really do crack myself up.) TPBM has had more fun in the kitchen than just cooking?
  5. Lisa's Man

    Totally Random Thoughts, Ideas, Perspectives!

    Tease!! Where are the details?????
  6. Lisa's Man

    Name Some Of Your Physical Turn-offs?

    Well, the line starts RIGHT HERE!!! lol She just hasn't selected me yet.
  7. Lisa's Man

    Name Your Food

    I'm with MsLayD on this one... Icecubes.
  8. Lisa's Man

    Will It Make You Hot If.........

    With pleasure Would it make you hot if I shot my hot cum on Your tits?
  9. Lisa's Man

    Question To Seperate The Men From The Boys

    Plus, IMO.. what a freaking turn on!! I WANT to know what 'her' buttons are, what works and what doesn't.. It doesn't mean I'm going to jump right to the "joy" button.. that would be sooooo easy. No, depending on time and place, I'd like to tease and prolong the fun.
  10. Lisa's Man

    What Determines A Threesome

    I too, would assume they had sex. (Does this make us a threesome now?) Details? Hell, I want pix and video!!!!
  11. Lisa's Man

    Afternoon Wood! (5 Pics)

    I was too. Evidently, we missed what everyone was "oohing & Ahhhing" over.
  12. Lisa's Man

    Morning Wood

    Oh look who needs to be punished.. :D (that's my girl.) Now when you say "us".. who are you including? I've been kept busy (in a good way) lately. I also had a 5 day visitor that was NOT enough time together. Already looking forward to February.
  13. Lisa's Man

    Word Association Game

    With pleasure
  14. Lisa's Man

    What Determines A Threesome

    A threesome- Me and both hands.