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Why Can't People Let Stuff Go?


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Seems as though my ex SIL has struck again. Yesterday, my FIL called us and asked if we had gotten "wrapped". Not being the degenerate that I should've been I guess, I had no clue what that meant. Apparently, my FIL's house, cars, and trees had about 9 rolls worth of TP thrown all over them.

Then, yesterday, we watched our ex SIL drive by the house a total of 9 times (that we saw). She lives over an hour away, so all this is a bit too coincidental. It's been a year and a half since their split, and almost a year for their divorce. She's been acting crazy ever since. Stalking her ex (my BIL), lying, being very rude, making up allegations of abuse, withholding the kids, stupid and practicing LOADS of defirmation of characters to all of us. I told her off over a year ago, so I don't care what she says. However, when there's a possible vandalization (is that even a word?) of my property, or people I care about get hit with stupid shit, well, let's say it fries my ass. She's over 30, so this sort of behavior is ridiculous to me.

Of course, we can't know 100% that she did this. And, there's not much that can be done for Getting Wrapped. I mean, there really was no harm done, just a PITA to clean up for them. And the embarassment, but still!!

Why can't people just let things go, and move on? I mean, they have kids. I know she doesn't keep her mouth shut in front of them, cuz she never did when they were together (he was just as bad). BIL is working on getting stuff straightened out, however, he's lazy, and has a new baby with someone else, so I don't know how actively he's pursing all of this.

I've always been a bit more mature for my age, and I learned a long time ago that keeping all the negativity going doesn't help anyone. It happened, learn from it, and MOVE ON!

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant.

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Rant away girl. You chose the mature way to relieve your anger and I, for one, would rather see you vent here. It's a damned shame your SIL didn't find the same path!

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It is sad to see people lower themselves to the mental capacity of a 9 yr old.

She sounds a lot like my ex ste sister, she is a drama queen and can not stand to be out of the spotlight, so in order for her to become the center of attention once again, she has to do something totally stupid to get back in it.

Her methods of "revenge" say a lot about her and her mental state.

Calling protective services and the allegations of abuse, knowing that there was none, tell me she is mean spirited and

simply wants to make you BI9L miserable by any means.

Same goes for teh act of witholding visitations, she wants to be a PITA and make him work harder than is nessicary.

As for the TPing of the house, she wanted to make herself known again, without harming anyone.

It is a sad and pathetic attempt to say "Look at me, i'm here, pay attention to me"

And since attention was not given in the manner she so desired, she decided "your mean, ill get even"

This is also the scary part, she is testing the waters to see how far she can go without getting into trouble with the law.

Since you saw her drive by no less than 9 times, you should assumet that you are her next target.

she was watching the house to see if anyone was home, and if you were she wont attempt anything.

you can bet your bottom dollar though that she will try something again.

Remember, misery loves company, and it sounds as though shes planning on having a party.

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We were thinking the same thing. Thankfully (?) I'm home most of the time, so she can't do it during the daytime. Plus, even though my PITA neighbors bug me, they'd let me know if they saw someone messing with our property. Something good about nosey neighbors!! LOL I'm sure she also remembers that we have a dog that hates her, and that we also have guns, No Trespassing signs, and the balls to back all that up. I have NO problem opening up the door and telling our dog to "get 'em", and she would too! So, I DARE her to come up our driveway. :P

My FIL lives the next street over, so I think it's also convenient for her to make the circle, and be nosey all at the same time. Thankfully, our trees are a bit more up our property, and are bigger, so a big effort would have to made for her to TP OUR trees!! LMAO

She lives over an hour away, and keeps moving, so we have no clue WHERE she lives, and I wouldn't waste the gas or TP on her ass. She's just not worth it.

Plus, where we live is where her and BIL use to live, and if you remember, this place was TRASHED when we bought it, so having her drive by and see how good this place is looking NOW, is payback enough for me!! :P

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But, thanks all for letting me rant, and thanks for all of the support, it really means a lot to me.

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George Hayduke? has some of the most kick-ass revenge books I've ever read. I've implemented many of his ideas with a LARGE measure of success. Well worth the read for people who deserve this reaction!!!!

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I must say that some of the things that are suggested in his books are now illegal but there are some that are just so much fun. There are some that suggest placing ads in the paper about your intended victim having puppies or ? for sale and suggest that people call at a time you know they would be asleep. This is illegal in many areas but it's just a general idea and creative to say the least. There are many better that are not illegal and very much in the revenge line that I have seen.

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