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What I Want To Do To Her


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Things make me crazy in my head. Things I want to do to you. Things I want to make you feel. Things I want to hear, smell, touch, and feel. Things I dream about. Things I wish could happen. Things that will happen the next time we meet.

We make it thru the door, by some damn miracle, with our clothes still on. The elevator ride was torture. God, how I wanted you right there and then. The scent of you drove me wild. Your eyes, your lips, your breasts heaving when I kissed you, pressing so hard against me making me want to rip your shirt off to dine on your erect nipples. It had me so wet, so wet that I could feel my juices oozing out of me, bubbling past my lips into my panties soaking them. The door closes behind you. Not one second after that happened I have you pinned up so hard against the door and we are ravaging each others mouths. Heads thrashing and turning every which way, sucking, licking, kissing so passionately. Our hands clasped in each others so hard, our bodies pressing, grinding, humping into each other. Both of us are growing wetter and wetter by the second. Delirious moans flowing from our throats. Our pussies are dripping, aching, needing to be touched so badly.

I move your hands above your head and start kissing down your silky soft neck. God, your body shudders sending another wave of fire straight to my dripping wet pussy. You’re bucking into me so hard now. My teeth find the buttons on your blouse. I take each one into my mouth, bite it, and rip it clean off. I tell you to keep your hands up above your head or else. A sexy grin forms on your delicious lips and you shake your head. “What are you doing to me, you’re driving me wild. Fuck me already, God, just please fuck me, I can’t wait any longer” you say. I press my mouth to your ear and whisper, “No baby, I want to play with you for a while. I want to drive you out of your mind. I want to hear you beg me to fuck you because you can’t stand it one second longer.” You groan, close your eyes and a lazy smile forms as you drift off into heaven. Your shirt is open now and I run my hands up your sides around to your back. I draw you into me and surround your breasts with my mouth. The way your body is writhing and heaving into my mouth makes me suck and lick your nipples harder. I take one into my teeth and give it a slow tug, stretching it out until you moan and squeal. God your nipples are so erect and begging for my mouth, seeing you with your hands above you, your head twisting from side to side, the way you’re biting at your lower lip when I pull on your nipples with my teeth sends me to the moon. As I dine on your flesh, sucking and twisting your nipples with my tongue, my hands find their way down to the front of your jeans. I unbutton them, slowly unzip them and God how you buck forward urging me on. Your eyes are still closed and you are panting now, you’re panting and saying, take me now, God, please take me now, I can’t stand it, I need you in me… god please. Hearing you say this makes me smile and cream my pants. Tiny little spasms are throbbing in my pussy hearing you beg me to take you. But I’m not ready yet. I haven’t even seen your clean shaven pussy yet, and God how I want to play there before we become connected. My hands slide behind your back and under your jeans, pushing into your skin as I slide denim down your ass. You’re moaning like mad now, bucking into me, throwing your chest into my slurping mouth. God we’re so hungry for each other. I’m not sure how long I can wait, you’re driving me crazy. Finally I get your jeans down to where you practically jump out of them and kick them across the room. In doing so your hands come off the door and grip my hair so tight, ripping my head back as you kiss my neck so deep. My turn, you growl in my ear. And the next thing I know I’m being slammed up against the door myself. God, the power in you is shocking. It makes me shudder and ooze. You grab my wrists and pin them above my head, your body leans into mine and your knee comes forward and spreads my leg out to the side. You’re grinding into me and I’m bucking against you. Your kiss is so deep that it’s taking my breath away. You grab my shirt and rip it off of me. God, so fucking hot. You reach behind my back and undo my bra and slip it off my shoulders and release my breasts. You are attacking my breasts before my bra even hits the ground. Jesus you bite them so hard making me squeal and cry out. I try to push away from the door a little and you slam me back into it and tell me it’s YOUR turn to play. God this turns me on so much that you are taking charge. The feel of you biting and pulling on my nipples sends shivers through my entire body. We’re in the middle of an all out ravaging and hands are flying everywhere now. I start to back you up towards the bed while you are frantically undoing my pants. I’ve got my arms wrapped so tight around you and as soon as I kick off my pants I pick you up and throw you on the bed. You bounce a little and just start laughing and hold out your hand for me to join you. I reach out and put my hand in yours. You lay back, spread your legs and put my hand on your pussy and say, make me beg, God, make me scream, I’m yours do what you will but god, please hurry. I smile and lean over you with my hand on your pussy rubbing and inserting fingers and kiss you so deep that we all but stop and die from how crazy our heads are for one another.

Your pussy is dripping wet and my fingers are sliding all around. Rubbing your clit and diving into your wet hole. I’m kissing you and you’re panting into my mouth reacting to what my hand is doing to you. Deeper you moan, and I drive my fingers deep into you. Now what I ask, Fuck me you say, fuck my pussy so hard baby, god fuck me now. My fingers start sliding into you in a rhythmic way. Out slow and slamming back in so hard and deep. Your hips are bucking so hard trying to match my movements. God, your pussy is so tight wrapped around my fingers. My heart can’t take it anymore I need to have you in me too fucking me with your fingers. Our lips part for a split second and I gasp that I want you and need to feel you in me. You reach your hand to the side and grab DH and the bullet. You reach down and I can feel it between our legs. I lift my body up just a little bit and let you insert it into your pussy while I take it and insert it into mine. God it’s so big and it fills us to the max. At first we just let it fill us and we don’t move a muscle we just kiss and let it fill our pussies. I look into your eyes and I’m lost with the love I feel for you. I begin kissing you so tenderly and you return my kisses but you begin to grind just a little with your hips. Damn, every muscle you move I can feel that in me filling me deeper and deeper. It feels so good to be connected with you like this. I grind my hips a little trying to match you and we slowly start fucking each other. Our eyes locked onto one another’s, our souls connected, no words need to be spoken. I reach my hand down and hold it and start thrusting into you with long deep slow strokes, and your hips are bucking up thrusting into me. God it feels so good to be fucking you and to have you fucking me at the same time. We start to sweat and pant and just bump and grind in every direction. God I’m fucking you so hard and so deep now and you’re screaming faster, faster god, fuck me faster. You turn on the bullet and press it to my clit and god, it sends me over the edge. I start coming instantly, my pussy is throbbing and convulsing and coming so fucking hard. Hearing me screaming and cuming sends you to driving up into me harder and faster. You roll me over and start slamming into me. You feel your own orgasm coming and you have the bullet pressed so hard into my clit that I’m out of my head having one orgasm after another. You pull out so slow and slam back in so deep. God I love the feel of your tummy on mine, I love how your skin is touching mine, I love how you are fucking me and sending me into outer space. I love how I can feel your body quiver and your breath catch as you cum so hard. Your pussy is spasming and convulsing so unbelievably hard that it pushes out DH and your cum squirts all over the bed. We both crash totally spent onto one another and fall into a comfortable silence and just listen to our pants become slow calm breaths. We are in heaven and that’s only the beginning of our weekend together.

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What happens next? What will you do when you see her again? Are you going to bite her bottom lip ? I can't wait to hear what will happen the rest of the weekend. Let us know what happens/if it happens.

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WOW everyone I'm really shocked at the replies. It's my first writing and i was really nervous about posting it. Thank you for the wow's and encouragement to write more...

I have something in the works right now... a continuation of our weekend. I'll be posting it soon i hope. Thanks again everyone, I'm really pleased by the replies.

PS: otm4u--- god baby...you KNOW what happens next, and yes i do bite your lower lip, and so much more. giggle..... GILY

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