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Lock it up!!! This product I found to be really neat. There is a plus side to this and a little bit of a down side. This kit not only has it’s own little holding container but also has a cute little lock and key. The massage oil has a little wild orchard scent to it, I opened it up and put some on my hands then rub it up an down my legs, chest, etc. The scent is not overwhelming at all, but very relaxing. I felt like I was lying in the middle of an orchard. This is not greasy at all nor does it stain. The vibe is a basic sleek powerful vibe, which takes 2C batteries, which are very easy to install.

I then decided to test the lock, I pulled the plastic out of the bottom of the container, so the products would fit nicely and the container would close. The lock took a little bit of force to close it around the hoops. The container is of strong plastic; although the lock isn’t the best it did do its job. This comes with 2small keys, which are plastic so be careful with them. I then tried to force the container open, as if I was one of my children, the lock held perfectly.

I found a comfortable place to relax; I was enjoying the slight scent of the massage oil, while the powerful vibe was rubbing up and down my body, teasing me. The vibe is multi-speed with a dial on the bottom of it. Even on low this carries extremely strong vibrations, also it isn’t very quiet so you may want to turn on a radio or something.

In all honestly, this kit is perfect for couples and playing alone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player. So why not lock it up, and unlock it when you’re ready to be swept away to an orchard of heaven!


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What a cute idea for a gift! Cute!

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Wow, I want it now..lol. Great job! What a cool little toy!

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