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"i'm At My Most Happiest When...."


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So, you can add stuff too (not just one answer). It can be sexual or not.....

When do you feel the Most Happiest?

"I feel Most Happiest when my DD tells me she loves me in her sleep."

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That's a hard one.

With my SO it's when we are cuddling or just plain touching. I can't get enough of touching him.

With my kids, well it's any non-stressful moment (my daughter is a bit wild right now!) like watching my son learn to read or cuddling with my little girl.

I guess cuddling is my answer, no matter who it's with, the SO or the kids. ;)

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Cuddling up with Sweetguy in bed at the end of the day and just talking and touching each other.

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aw. Cute post!

I'm cooking (and not almost chopping my fingers off.)

Yes, I'm always multi tasking when cooking and usually have some sort of incident. so far I still have 10 fingers and 2 hands, and some war scars........ it's worth it though; I love to feed people.

When I spend alone time with my SO :)

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Sleeping is always pretty good.

A couple of times last summer when my kids pretended to put sun block on my face, ears, neck, and arms, with these little innocent hands rubbing the pretend stuff in; ahhh, that felt nice.

Working in the yard on a cold, dreary, overcast, cold November afternoon, with the smell of fallen leaves and wood smoke in the crisp air (as long as I'm dressed warm enough).

Relaxing in front of a toasty warm fireplace, watching the fire; or sitting around a campfire on a cool night, BSing with fellow campers.

Laying out in a field at night under clear skies, far from town or city lights, watching the stars and watching for shooting stars. Or spending time watching the stars on a windless, 20-degrees-below-zero night.

When your with a girl that you like but don't yet know if she likes you the same way, and then you end up holding hands.

When you have no worries and no responsibilities and can just relax, but have enough going on that you're not bored or lonely either.

Late afternoon on a clear August or Septermber day, a drive in the country with the windows down, or a bike ride on a back road, or sitting on top of a mountain with a good view of some place with little sign of human presence, or canoeing on a quiet lake away from civilization.

Watching the endless waves at the shore as the sun sets and darkness sets in, on a beach where no one else is around.

The earthy smell of springtime, as the days get longer and warmer, the frozen ground gets muddy, then begins to dry, and the air picks up the smells of vegetation that is beginning to grow again.

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