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  1. So, how often do you think about sex, percentages would be ok. Honestly, when I'm working, since I work at a school, I don't think about it much during the days I'm working. On the weekends, especially when my daughter's with her father, well, it's almost non-stop!! LOL During work days: 10% maybe. Weekends without my daughter at home 90-95% Weekends with my daughter at home 50-60% After work 60%
  2. 69

    Yeah, I bet that got your attention!!! LOL So, share your 69-ing stories, tips, tricks, and even some funny things that may have happened.
  3. So, because this topic is in the Contest area, and we can't post in it, I thought I'd repost this topic here. Do you think watching porn is cheating? Watching porn by yourself in a committed relationship, without your SO knowing, do you consider this cheating? What if your SO told you that they didn't want you watching it without them, but they were into it when you were together, would you consider watching some then cheating?
  4. To all our single people, what dating websites do you belong to, if any? What's the one you get the best dates/hits off of? Any stories you can tell? The good, the bad, or the ugly? Any advice you can share?
  5. What would you want Santa to bring you for Christmas? Whether it's a sex toy, sexual experience, or whatever? Please share your desires, Christmas style!!
  6. Other than the few couples that are on here, does your spouse/significant other know you're a member on here and what "here" is? To answer my own question, yes, my SO does.
  7. How do you try to keep the "spark" alive in your relationship with your spouse/SO? What do you do in every day life and dealings to help keep it fun and loving? What do you do sexually to keep the interest and excitement going on in the bedroom (or out of it (; )?
  8. Before I pose the question, please lets not be judgemental, call people names, or insult them. If they are brave enough to respond, please be respectful. If you cheated on your S.O., why did you? Was it a one-night-fling, long-term affair, with a friend, or an old lover? I've always been curious as to why others cheat. Men & women. Please share.
  9. Piercing

    I've heard both positive and negatives for clit piercings. I've been curious as well.
  10. Jumping Back In

    I would post this in a different forum to get better responses. Like Ask A Sexpert or in Relationships.
  11. Sorry to all

    No worries. We don't usually want to appear to be "whiners". But, if you feel you must delete your posts, go ahead. However, before you do, remind yourself that you ARE human, and this forum is to help let people know that they are NOT alone! Especially if it's a sexual issue! Even with the forums we have, don't feel bad for posting! We all vent. Everyone has bad days/weeks/periods of time! Sharing can help, and it can also help others that may be feeling, or have felt, the same way! Do what you need to do hun!
  12. The human barbie

    I can't say I do. It's self inflicted. It may sound heartless, but anything that is self-inflicted, I can't feel bad for.
  13. God bless Texas

    This is a post I did on FB: There's been a lot of criticism for why Houston wasn't evacuated because of all of the flooding.....Let me explain this to you all that don't live here, and haven't experienced this:This is a no win situation. Houston is built with a lot of concrete, steel, more concrete, and metal. There are bayous that are here, fill up, because they're always full of water, so they fill up fast. Then, what dirt/ditches they DO have, is full of "gumbo", which is a non-absorbent type of clay, that doesn't do much good at all. It's what most of East Texas sits on! Under the gumbo, is usually hard-assed bedrock!! You have to drill down far and deep to get to it in many places too! People were warned as quickly as they could have been! It was ALL over the news for a week! This storm was all over the place, and there's no way to predict which county was going to get what rain, There is no way to move 5 million people in a timely fashion, even if you he'd been given 2 week's notice. Most wouldn't have left, because that's just a ridiculous idea!!! If nothing had happen and they had moved all those people, all the state agencies would have criticized for that too. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation! Besides, for those of you that don't remember Rita, which followed in the path of Katrina.....Houston was stretched to the limit trying to help those poor souls from LA that were displaced, then we had Rita hit!!! People were stranded on the highways, running out of gas, suffering from dehydration, heat stroke, and cars breaking down left and right! Imagine if all of those cars were on the highways, stuck. They would have drown!!!! At this time, I have heard on the news that there has only been 5 deaths due to Harvey. With all of the people in this area, Houston, and all of its metros, that is an AMAZING (yet sad) figure!! Extremely low..... There was NO way of predicting how fast and full everything got!! There was NO way to prevent all of this. The way the ground is, and the way Houston is, there's no way. After Rita and Ike, there have been MANY improvements on flood control!!! I've seen them. Deeper culverts, runoffs, and ditches. More runoff holding "ponds". People digging their culverts out more, and keeping them cleaner. Trees being trimmed a lot further away from power lines, making sure people don't lose power as easily. People taking warnings more seriously, stocking up, and leaving when they should. No body really jokes about it anymore as far as "it's another false alarm". Neighbors help neighbors. Is there looters? Yes. Are their idiots, absolutely. But it's really no different than any other state with other disasters. You can second guess and criticize all you want, but trust me, as picky as I am, and how stupid I think some people can be, this state's people have done a fantastic job with what they've been dealt so far. Don't judge unless you've actually been thru it.......here......in Texas. Now, this is my addition for on here: There have been an enormous amount of people coming from in and out of state helping out and volunteering. Local and state officials have made a HUGE deal out of the fact that there wouldn't have been as many rescues possible without the use of private individuals using their own personal boats and big trucks to get people out! The local and federal government was already to come out and help out as soon as it was possible to do so! There were people going out during the heaviest of rains! They did have to shut things down at night due to lack of sight. Water makes EVERYTHING darker and more dangerous......especially in a state that not only has poisonous snakes, spiders, alligators, and fire ants! The amount of people here is hard to fathom. Let me enlighten you: see the pic below....... I'm not from Texas at all. I am, at times, overly critical and somewhat cynical when it comes to the goodness of some people. However, I am FULLY impressed with everyone's help, the government's response, the lack of prejudices involved (though I've seen a lot of hate such as "that will teach you for voting for Trump Texas!"), and the support of neighbors helping neighbors, and strangers helping other strangers! God Bless Texas!!!!
  14. Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    I wish I could!!!!
  15. We live very close to Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH for short), and a state park. So far, there has been road surface flooding, and yards are flooding. However, we stocked up and are good with water, pet food, and other supplies. The front and back yards are flooding, the back more than the front. But, we live in a double wide trailer that, due to HOA regulations, must be hurricane strapped down, on a slab, and well secured 3' off of the ground. We still have running water and power. So far, so good. If you are in its path, please take it seriously. This is about the same devastation as Tropical Storm Allison (or Depression, whatever), because the flooding has been so fast and swift. Trust me, it's bad. But we're OK!!!! Please check in if you're in its path.
  16. Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    In the area I live in, is close to Bush Intercontinental Airport. The water has receded significantly! We went for a bike ride around the neighborhood today and last night. What a difference a few hours with no rain makes!!! We only lost power for 15 minutes, and haven't lost water at all. Thanks guys!
  17. So, I was reading and rereading the "Does Cock Size Really Matter?" post, and wondered, from a guy's standpoint, have there been any va-jay-jays that have been too tight or too loose for your preferences? I'm curious.
  18. Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    The news makes some look worst, making it sound like it's all areas, but the local news channels are a lot more realistic and down to earth, thankfully. Of course it IS bad. It really is. My GF has been in this area for 15 years and said that she's never seen it this bad.
  19. So, ladies! We know that for us, it's all about the clit.....sometimes we want to tell our lovers, "Just hop to it already!" Well, this little varmint can really do the trick for ya! This pink critter is a silicone, bunny-shaped sleeve over a strong bullet, complete with those awesome ears that shake and shiver with the vibes, adding more direct stimulation for your clit (aka, your powerhouse!!!). This bunny will be hopping thru your forest with just one AA battery that you put in the base. Now, the cap for the base doesn't seem like it is waterproof because I didn't see a gasket that protects the battery compartment. It's also one that has to be lined up properly to get it to close right, so be aware it's not the normal screw on kind. There's a button on the base that turns it on, and then each time you press it, it will cycle thru your vibe settings one by one. It ranges from low, to a low medium, to a low high, then 7 patterns of vibrations. To shut it off, you can hold the button down for about 5 seconds or just twist the base (for a quicker shut off). It's almost 5" long, and designed for clit stimulation, but you can insert it if you want, about 3" or so. Remember never to use silicone lubes with any silicone toys....water-based lubes only. I loved the ears buzzing around my clit. Though I prefer a stronger vibe, eventually, I was thumping my leg with pleasure! The bunny is a bit loud if you're thinking of maybe sticking in your panties for some walking around fun, so I do believe it could be heard. But, it is small enough to carry anywhere, and is lightweight. Easy to use, simple, and silicone is antibacterial anyway, who wouldn't wan to hunt this waskally wabbit???? Love the Love Bunny!
  20. Does Vaginal Size Matter?

    No, no worries!! We want to hear from everyone willing to share!!!
  21. I've done the same thing, especially with toys that I didn't get on here and didn't work well!!!! However, just washing them with warm water and antibacterial soap will kill the germs. Make sure the toys you do give away are CLEAN!!!! I don't recommend it, but it's at your discretion!
  22. So, have you? How'd it come up? Did you share all your knowledge, or did you hold back a bit? And how was it received?
  23. Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    Still doing ok!!! There is some bad flooding at the lower part of our subdivision, but thankfully, it has a long ways to go before it reaches us. We're seeing a break in the rain for a bit, but it will come back. They're now saying that it will go away from us in a day or 2. We're able to get to the corner stores, but don't travel very far. This type of situation makes me so nervous because of insane looters, and desperate people. Thankfully, we have 5 dogs (one is part wolf), 2 pistols, a 2nd degree black belt in the house (my daughter), a very protective Momma (me), and several swords.
  24. What was the lamest excuse you've been given or have given to not use a condom?
  25. What does one do when they're stuck at home due to a hurricane (Harvey)? Why, try out some new toys of course!!! Little bullets that only have a push button (no cords), are a must-have in any woman's play box! This one is so easy to use!!! With only one little button on the bottom of the base to depress to turn it on/off, it's great for any new to sex toy users! And, since it's made of a hard plastic, it's really easy to care for, nor do you have the worries about lubes messing with it, or anything like that. AND it's waterproof, which is very evident with the rubber gasket around the base and unit, to help keep out the water. Just unscrew the base to remove the paper insert preventing battery contact (3 batteries are included) during shipping, screw the base back on, and then push the little black button to start your bullet ride!! This toy is about 3.5" long, which is perfect for holding on to, and placing the pointy tip exactly where you want it. It only has one setting, which is a medium high, so it's not too strong for those that like a softer vibe, but it won't do much if you're like me and need a stronger one to get off to. It's also a great size to use with a strap on harness, for the harness wearer, so she can put it in the labia folds, and rub against it while she thrusts into her lover! Or even use in a pair of panties for that added excitement while driving! Where it wasn't so great for me due to the lack of power, I do tend to need a really strong vibe to get clit orgasms from. But, it was a nice teaser. I'd recommend this one for some beginner users to maybe try first. It's quiet, easy to use and clean, and it's hypoallergenic (hard plastic). Plus, for storage, all you need to make sure of is that the batteries don't get wet. I always take the batteries out before washing, and try to leave them out to avoid corrosion. It's small enough where it will fit in a pocket, purse, or make up bag, within easy reach! Silver Bullet