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  1. What Gets You More Stimulated For Masturbation?

    I'm a film major and a romance novel junkie. I find with porn I just start critiquing the lighting, the camera movements, the editing (my field) and pretty much everything my classes have thought me to look for. Needless to say with thoughts in my head like, "They really should of cut about 5 sec off the shot," or "Hey that the exact same thing but from a different angle," I can fall out of the mood. As for my romance novel habit, there are some times when I have to take a break and fan my self. I think with books there's more left to the imagination, so you can insert any guy you want into the picture.
  2. Non-sexual Related Turn On's

    Motorcycles, even though I've never ridden one, and I'm not really into the type of guys who ride them. Weird huh? And swards and nice knives. Not to cut anyone with, but un-sheathing one and running your hands down the cool metal. Also a guy in a kilt will turn always my head.
  3. Food Name Game

    Leia's Lava Cake. An innocent looking cake on the outside, inside full of hot fudge with a hint of chill. The Ginger's Juice sounds really good. I'll have to try that.
  4. Hair Color

    I know that one way to tell what someone's natural hair color is to see what color their pubic hair is. I also know that as we get older our hair turns gray. My question is dose your pubic hair get gray?
  5. Signs

  6. T-shirts

  7. Gorilla

    Gorilla objects to having his picture taken.
  8. Barbie

    Ken's been a bad boy!!
  9. Angels and Demons

    Pics of angels I've found on-line
  10. Writing An Adult Film?

    This seem really sound story wise which I feel is important to any film genre. This also seems like there is a verity of different sex scenes which is also good. So now that you've got the plot the next step is to make an out line. My screen writing prof. suggests getting note cards and writing a brief description of each scene on each note card. That makes it easier when it comes to writing the script. I wish you the best of luck in getting your idea off the ground.
  11. Uploading Images

    I would like to add an image to my signature but i can't for the life of me figure out how. Any advice is welcome.
  12. Medication And Side Effects

    I'm taking Lexapro for anxiety and one of the side effects listed is "decreased libido" . The past few months I have noticed that I fantasize and masturbate less. Also when I do masturbate my orgasms are way less intense then they used to be. I understand that this is because of my medication, but I was wondering why some medications do this??
  13. Masterbate, masterbate, masterbate. start thinking about orgasms and masterbate some more. Your drive will XLR8

  14. Yet Another Introduction

    Welcome! I have a question, Are you an Akidio black belt?
  15. Sexiest Movie

    I agree with FloydVixen. 300 all the way!!! Gerard Butler's naked back side, hundreds of insanely ripped guys wearing nothing but a loincloth and a cape beating the shit out of the opposing army. *drool* I also have to add the "bookcase" scene in Atonement with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. That is one of the hottest sex scenes I've seen and they both have their cloths on! Now that's good film making. Lastly I know this one is kind of weird but I always get turned on when I watch the Underworld series. I guess it's the whole vampire thing.