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The Test


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She stands in the bright light, silent, motionless, eyes downcast. Her proud breasts gleam white and full, contrasting with the cascade of dark curls tumbling over her shoulders and the black velvet corset that cinches her torso tightly, narrowing further her already narrow waist and accentuating the fullness of her naked hips. Sheer black stockings, clipped to the half-dozen garters adorning the corset, sheath her beautiful long legs, balanced on high stilleto heels.

"You have done well, my beauty," a man's deep voice booms out from behind the bright light. She startles slightly at the sudden sound, echoing off the high stone walls around her, but she holds herself motionless. She keeps her eyes down as she hears heavy bootheels step toward her across the stone floor. A shadow passes over her face. A gloved hand lifts her chin.

"Look at me," the man says in his deep, rich voice. She obeys, lifting her clear green eyes to meet his, dark lashes fluttering slightly, the only sign of her trepidation.

"Are you ready for your Test, my beauty?" he asks her softly. Her lips slowly curl into a knowing smile.

"Yes, my lord," she replies, her own voice low and husky.

"Good," he says, lifting a goblet to her lips. "Here. Drink."

She obeys, the wine sweet and good, addressing the dryness of her mouth and almost instantly coursing through her veins. She recognizes the sensation, knows that the wine is spiked with a nameless drug, but which has effects she has come to welcome.

"This way, beauty," he commands, his long arm pointing to her left. A new light appears, opening the darkness and illuminating a four-posted bed, very high, standing alone in the middle of the room. Velvet straps hang from the posts and across the bed. Beauty feels a surge in her loins at the sight of it. She has seen this bed before, witnessed acts performed on it, but has never been on it herself. Until tonight.

She walks toward the bed, her steel spike heels ringing on the flagstones. She hears almost inaudible whispers, murmurs of approval, beyond the pool of light, in the dark gallery. Witnesses. Some she knows will participate. Without being told, she places her hands on the bed and waits. A rustle of fabric.

"Open your mouth," he commands. She obeys mutely as a thick knot of silk is forced into her mouth. Her mouth waters as she tastes it, soaked with more of the drugged wine, feels the gag being knotted tightly against the nape of her neck, under her hair. It fills her mouth perfectly. Her nipples harden and she feels a surge of moisture between her legs.

Shapes appear, other dark-robed hooded figures, moving silently on bare feet. Women. They take her by her wrists and lead her to the foot of the bed. They make soft murmuring sounds, reassuring, mothering sounds. They have each been here in her place. She can feel their excitement, for her, for all of them. Her arms are raised, her wrists swiftly and surely bound to the velvet straps. Hands grasp her ankles and spread her legs, then her ankles too are tied.

She senses motion behind her, then a strong hand presses between her shoulder blades, forcing her to bend forward to the limit the ropes will allow her, her lower belly pressed hard against the edge of the bed, her hips tilted back now, her naked sex exposed. She gasps as a hand slaps her buttock, hard. The sting of it brings tears to her eyes. Another slap. Then another. Each slap brings a surge of blood flowing into her loins. She has been trained for this. She welcomes this. The slaps continue until she feels unable to resist crying out. Then... nothing.

She waits, silent and motionless except for the tremor of anticipation. Then she feels his hands on her hips, right at the edge of the corset, touching her skin. There is no other warning. She feels his cock press against her for an instant before it thrusts up inside her, huge and hard and slick with oil so that it plunges to the very hilt in one swift, relentless thrust. She makes no effort to control her voice now, lets out a wail of ecstasy through the gag. He begins his thrusting, relentlessly pounding into her from behind. She arches and pushes back on him, revelling in the deep hard fucking. Each thrust drives her higher and higher, and her wet pussy, stretched to its limits by the enormous cock fairly sings with delight. He rocks her womb with every thrust. She feels his cock swelling, his thrusting intensifying, and she hears his breath coming in harsh rasps. She senses his impending explosion, and her loins respond instinctively, eagerly, hungrily. His hands tighten on her waist and he slams into her, impaling her perfectly, and she feels his cock throb inside her, gushing into her, hears him groaning loudly with his release. She arches her neck and pushes her hips back on him and screams at the goodness of it as his orgasm pushes her over the edge into her own, her cunt spasming deliciously on the huge cock as it finishes spurting deep inside her.

She whimpers as he withdraws before her spasms are complete, and she feels her pussy pulsing, unsated. But another pair of hands seize her waist and she is impaled a second time. She gasps in surprise--although in the back of her mind she knew this would happen--as this fresh hard phallus drives up into her depths. This cock not nearly as thick, but deliciously long, and he seems taller, his hips pressing against her ass at a different angle. He uses his cock differently, more skillful than the first one, stroking it in and out of her, hitting her G-spot perfectly with swift aimed strokes. Before she can prepare for it she feels another orgasm take her by surprise. His cock presses on her G-spot, and the resulting orgasm forces a stream of fluid out of her, her body shaking with the intensity of the climax. He changes his angle and drives deeply into her and she feels his hips slam against her for a dozen hard strokes as he gasps and comes inside her. This time, her orgasm fully complete, she slumps forward in her bonds, spent... for the moment.

Shapes move around her. Someone gets on the bed and lifts her head. Hands untie her gag and remove it from her mouth. She opens her eyes in time to see the hard-muscled belly of a man before her, his swollen cock inches from her face. She opens her mouth and engulfs the smooth head, sucking hungrily. She can barely accommodate the size of him in her mouth, but she feels the intensity of his sexual need, senses he will come swiftly, and relaxes her throat to let him fuck her mouth fully. Hands grasp her waist again and she feels yet another hard cock probing the wetness between her thighs. Instinctively, her desire causes her to push her hips back and tilt up to receive him as he slides into her. Penetrated at both ends, she moans and braces to receive both cocks, the one thrusting into her mouth and throat, the other driving deep and hard in her cunt, ramming her exquisitely sensitive cervix. She has no choice but to come almost immediately, hard, convulsing, howling. Her vocal response triggers the cock in her mouth to explode and she sucks and swallows his cream eagerly even as her own orgasm continues to rack her frame. She feels the hips of the man behind her slamming into her with greater urgency, the cock swelling, then his loud cry of completion and the spasms of his phallus as he ejaculates in her triggers another orgasm in her loins before the first is fully finished.

Beauty feels dazed, stunned by the stream of orgasms. She feels her lovers pull away and feels others take their places. She takes yet another hard cock into her mouth, more slender this time, and feels her saliva welling up as she tastes his delicious maleness, welcomes the length of it as it slides into her throat and back out again. She feels pressure behind her, hands on her waist yet again, and groans at the mix of pleasure and pain as she feels a well-greased cock forced up her ass. Normally she welcomes this sort of intrusion, but without preparation she has to breathe hard to get past the pain. But she succeeds, and is soon rewarded by a thrill of pleasure as her anus relaxes and her lover begins long, slow lubricious strokes that seem to be in perfect synchrony with the cock in her mouth. She rides the waves of pleasure for what seems like forever. Then strong hands grasp and squeeze her sensitive breasts and clever fingers find her clitoris and she is catapulted into another orgasm, her ass pulsing with agonizing sweetness on the deep-driving cock, her body convulsing so hard that both cocks explode in her at once.

The Test is relentless. One cock after another fills her mouth, her pussy, her ass simultaneously, two at a time, and somehow an inventive trio manages to fill all three places at once, to her incredulous delight. They fuck her over and over and over again.

She hears sounds coming out of the darkness, women moaning and men grunting, and she knows that the others are now participating in the rite in the warm enveloping darkness, the rite of which she is the focus. She feels their eyes on her, sharing her bliss even as they writhe and grapple in their own private ecstasy.

She drifts on in a haze of almost continuous orgasm, accommodating uncounted men as they come, swallowing load after load of cream, her pussy and ass overflowing until her stockings are saturated from the rivers of spunk that have flowed out of her and down her thighs and legs, forming a pungent glistening puddle on the floor between her legs. And yet they keep coming. She has lost any sense of them, how many they have been, which cock was thickest, whose come tasted the sweetest, who made her come hardest; lost all sense of anything but the state of ecstasy she is in, the unremitting delightful spasms of orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until orgasm is all there is, all she is, all she knows.

After what seems to be an eternity the last cock slips out of her mouth. She senses emptiness inside her and behind her. No strong hands hold her hips now. The air feels cool on her dripping wet sex. She licks her lips. She tried to swallow it all, but she can feel dried semen tightening the skin on her chin and cheeks, her lips.

She feels rather than sees shapes moving around her, more of the dark-robed women, as they untie her wrists and ankles and gently lay her down on the bed. She feels their love, knows the sacrifice they have made this night, for it was their husbands, their lovers, whose hard cocks had driven her to ecstasy again and again, and the semen that they had flooded her loins and mouth and fed her orgasmic bliss rightfully belonged to these gentle women, except it had been tenderly and lovingly sacrificed for her Test.

They loosen her corset laces, remove her stilleto heels and semen-saturated stockings, lave her pussy and thighs with warm cloths; gentle hands smooth fresh stockings up her legs and fasten her garters, brush her hair.

Her wrists are tightly bound in front of her again with the soft velvet straps, and she allows her head to sink into the pillow as a silk coverlet is laid over her, warming her. The women pat her and kiss her hands and hair, murmuring their wordless assurances as they withdraw and she senses the lights becoming dim. She can hear the soft sounds of footsteps, many footsteps, the sharp click of women's high heels, the soft padding of bare feet, and the muffled heavy tread of men's boots. Gradually the sounds fade away. She lies still for a long time... minutes only, perhaps, but still...

She hears the sound of his boots in the darkness, coming to her. She opens her eyes and sees him appear out of the gloom, his black robe and hood making him all but invisible until he stands beside the bed, illuminated by a single candle. He touches the clasp at his neck and the robe falls to the floor and he stands before her naked but for his boots and his huge erection. She smiles at him as he slips his boots off, and as he climbs onto the bed she takes his phallus in her bound hands and strokes it delightedly.

"You were the first," she whispers softly, her eyes shining up at him.

"Yes, I was," he replies, his deep bass voice thrilling her, as it always does. "You have passed the Test. You are one of us now."

"I am so pleased," she smiles. "Did I please you, my lord?"

"Very much," he murmurs as he settles his large, heavy-muscled body down beside hers. "Except for one thing."

"And what is that, my lord?" she purrs, the same naughty half-smile she had showed him at the beginning of the evening playing at the corners of her mouth. She feels his cock surge even harder in her hands as he moves over her, and she spreads and lifts her legs for him, guiding his massive penis to her ravaged pussy. His penetration of her sex is almost more pain than pleasure.

Almost. She moans and lifts her hips to meet him, and sighs with delight as she feels the weight and power of his hips settle on hers, his massive cock pinning her to the bed like a butterfly to a mat, fully impaled. The size of his cock leaves no room for anything else in her, and other men's semen flows out of her to make room for his.

"My lord," she moans, her body and mind filled with the pleasure of him.

"Yes, my beauty?" he murmurs, rolling his hips and churning his cock in the deepest depths of her aching loins. She feels the corded, thick muscles of his chest hard against her still swollen and sensitive breasts, his fist meshed in her hair, pulling it hard, arching her neck. She lifts her bound wrists and loops her arms over his neck.

"Will you please--ah!... will you please... fuck me and make me come?"

"Yes, my beauty," he growls in her ear, and the sound of his voice is almost enough to cause her to climax.

Then he thrusts his hips, and she cries aloud at the goodness of it. So many other men have taken her this night, but none other have possessed her. Until now. His cock speaks to her through her cunt, her womb: you are mine.

"Yesss," she moans in grateful acknowledgement.

She gasps aloud as he begins his rhythm, fucking her as only he has ever fucked her. So deep, so full, so hard, shaking her to the foundations of her soul. She feels his body quivering above her and she rises up under him.

"My lord," she manages to gasp between his thrusts. "What... unngghh!... what was it... unnggh!... that I still... unngghh!... must do to... unngghh!... please you?... UNNGGH!"

"Ah, my beauty," he rasps, panting. "That I should be... that I should be the Last!"

"YES!" she cries, as she feels him arching above her and in her, and as his deep-driven cock erupts inside her she convulses in reflexive ecstasy, her heart soars. Yes, my lord, it cries. I am yours, first, last, and always.

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yes thanks a lot! I had to surprise my husband when he got off work. very good.. something i'd never ever in my whole life want to be a part of, but still very good.

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Been getting a chance to read some things I missed, and I am certainly glad I found this one. Loved it! Thanks!

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That was intense thank you.


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I read this earlier today and then wished I was not home alone. But that is my life even when hubby home. Staying on topic. I went upstairs and got naked in a hurry, inserted 3 cute pink balls into my dripping wet opening followed by a bullet. Then my purple vibe went to work on my clit. Oh dear me what a time I had. Such strong and lasting contractions. My whole body was moving and shaking. It was glorious. I will remember this story for some time to come because it really did it for me.

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On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2012 at 5:55 PM, Cacky said:

I read this earlier today and then wished I was not home alone. But that is my life even when hubby home. Staying on topic. I went upstairs and got naked in a hurry, inserted 3 cute pink balls into my dripping wet opening followed by a bullet. Then my purple vibe went to work on my clit. Oh dear me what a time I had. Such strong and lasting contractions. My whole body was moving and shaking. It was glorious. I will remember this story for some time to come because it really did it for me.

   We have some in common. Wonderful peaceful coexistiance  with wife. Like yourself sex is self serve. After reading "the test" it was a good serving. Drop me a line if you have the time!

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