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Fifty Shades Drive Me Crazy Glass Wand


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Wow. Just wow.

Anyone that's read a few of my reviews knows I love love love glass dildos! They are so versatile! Hypoallergenic, strong, smooth, easy to care for & clean, no need for batteries, no strong plastic/rubber smells, and able to give us gals that love firm pressure, exactly what we want.

With an insertable length of almost 6", this 7"+ beauty is perfect for having some sensual fun. Curved for added stimulation, and having bumps on the shaft for extra pleasure, this glass toy is perfect and feels oh, so good!!! The base has 2 bulbs on it for easy gripping, Its 1.25" diameter really makes you feel full and satisfied.

I was already excited when I got my newest item, and the box that this toy came in added excitement and class to my glass. The box is black, with the 50 Shades of Gray logo on it, and then you slide a classy looking black box out of the covering box. The flexible plastic that the toy was set in was hard to get it out of, but the toy was definitely well protected. The packaging is discreet, and worthy of gift-giving as well.

Washing was a breeze, as it is with all glass toys, just soap and water, rinsing very easily.

I loved the coolness of the toy. Did you know that glass is a great conductor? It is!! You can put it in hot water to add heat, or even freeze it, for an added jolting thrill. I just used warm water to warm my toy up a bit, and settled down to business.

It slid in easily, and it felt sooooo good!!! It only took a few thrusts to stimulate my g-spot, soaking my sheets, and curling my toes.

I think Mr. Grey would be very proud of my reactions. :)

This toy is also perfect for anyone that is wanting to try a sex toy, but may be intimidated about a more realistic toy. This toy is beautiful, functional, and fun to use!!


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I am a big fan of glass and this item looks great. If you have not tried glass, I say give it a go.

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Glass toys are one of my favorite materials. If you're wanting to try toys, or try something new, go GLASS!!!

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Sheet Soaking Goodness

I mirror Tyger's reactions here: WOW oh WOW oh WOWY!

Is that all I should say? No, of course not.

I LOVE glass toys! There is something about the heft and rigidness of a glass wand that just appeals to my sense of feeling full. Not to mention you can heat it or cool it to add an extra layer of sensation to your playtime! This particular toy is pretty simple in design: clear glass shaft with a slightly "bulbous" head that is super sensual to insert. The handle has a frosted glass double ball with the 50 Shades logo etched on it. The inside of the shaft has decorative glass bubbles that make this toy lovely in appearance and elegant as well.

The slight curve of the toy also lends itself to G-Spot stimulation, although I found that the curve was not quite as prominent as I would have preferred. However, the hard glass is a great material for G-Spot stimulation as well as internal stimulation (and, I confess, anal stimulation when appropriate!)

When I played with my new glass delight I was concentrating on a G-Spot orgasm but quickly realized that for me it was not going to be effective for that purpose. However, when I added in a wee bit of clitoral stimulation with my favorite bullet - OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW - ORGASMS GALORE!

This toy is the perfect size for a bit of stretch and reaches all your inner spaces wonderfully. Definitely an item that any level of player could appreciate. Plus, the stunning black box and 50 Shades motif makes it a fun and flirty gift for your special submissive! I am not sure if Christian Grey would want to play with me but that is OK because this wand fits the bill just fine!


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