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Gspots And Couches And Beds Oh My!


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I hurt my back yesterday. I think I either lifted something wrong or it could have been the rain coming in, but last night I was in a lot of pain. We didn't plan on sex last night, it was more of a take a hot bath and relax on the couch night. Sex was not on my mind, just relief from my back pain, so I got the hot bath taken out of the way, dried off, threw on a much beloved old night gown and settled down on the couch with a book and the remote. A couple of pillows propped behind my back and I was comfortable.

My husband joined me on the couch, and we settled in watching tv and just talking.

I had my knees bent and my feet flat on the couch to accommodate him sitting with me and after a few minutes I felt him looking at me. I looked over and he was looking back at me. He slipped his hand beneath my nightie and with the back of his hand, ran the back of his fingers over my pussy, which I had earlier shaved. "You're so smooth" he said, running his fingers gently up and down over my lips, and my mound. "Yes" I said, "I love that new shaving cream". He lifted my gown a bit to get a better view of me and kept lightly running his fingers over me.

I settled back and let him play with me and he went back to watching the movie with me. He continued to stroke me, very softly, and run his index finger slowly and gently between my lips.

I told him how good that felt and he moved a bit closer to me. The night before I told him I wanted to try our my new gspot toy and see how well it worked inducing a gspot orgasm all on it's own. I tried for an hour but I just wasn't able to replicate the gspot orgasm he's always able to give me, and he knew it.

For the next half hour he continued playing with me, running his fingers over me, up and over my smooth mound in and around my pussy lips and he was enjoying watching the pleasure he was giving me.

His fingers became a little more insistent, rubbing me harder, and stroking me deeper, and I gasped when he took his index and middle finger, and gently parted my lips and leaned down and blew a stream of cool air on me. "Oooh" I squealed. The stream of cool air on me sent a spasm through my pussy and started me aching for more. He gently started rubbing my clit with his thumb in tiny circles, over and around my clit while continuing to occasionally blow on me. I was getting so wet and so turned on.

He played with me for a while more, would occasionally stop, then go back to stroking my lips and my clit. I moved my legs further apart and he was able to move in between my lips and began stroking my inner lips. I was so horny and wanted him so badly, but I just relaxed as this was his show, and he was enjoying it as much as I was. We were in no rush.

After a few minutes I got up to get a drink and when I came back and settled in, he lifted my leg and placed it over his, moved my nightie up around my hips and he began running his hand up my thigh and back down again and then returned to my pussy. I told him he was being mean, teasing me so much, and he looked at me with his denim blue eyes and in a quiet voice said, "No, no, I'm not mean" and started rubbing me faster. He knows what motion and pressure I love and pretty soon he was circling my clit with his fingers that were getting very slick from my juices. I looked over at him and he had a beautiful hard on, and seeing that made my pussy get hotter and wetter.

He parted my plump little lips again, and with his index finger began circling my hole, smearing my wetness over me. He inserted his finger in me slowly, thrusting and withdrawing. Oh my god it felt so good. I just relaxed more, laid back and watched his face. After a minute with one finger in me, he slipped in two and leaned closer to me and began to rub my gspot.

"Oh my god" I moaned, and he just smiled. He kept fingering me, rubbing my gspot and every once in while would take his thumb and rub my clit in hard little circles while he pumped his fingers in and out of me.

I could feel my pussy closing down around his fingers and he said "I can feel you clamping down on me". Without removing his hand he got off the couch and came and knelt by me. He continued to rub me and pump me and I started moaning louder and spread my thighs wide for him. I could feel that familiar tenseness building in my thighs and he leaned in and kissed me. I whispered moaned at him "Honey this feels so good" and he looked at me with glazed eyes and said "I want you to cum for me"

Hearing him say that to me pushed me right up to the edge and I was clamping my pussy hard around his fingers, every time he pulled out with his fingers I moved up onto his hand and pushed down hard against him. I could feel my orgasm building and my pussy starting to clamp down on his fingers and then he thrust his fingers even deeper in me and started rubbing very hard inside of me. "Cum for me" he said again and that was all it took, I felt the orgasm from my gspot start and I went with it, just laying back and letting his hand bring me off. I arched my pussy up at his hand and let go. I was cumming and cumming hard, and I felt wetness pouring over his hand, gushing from me and I just kept cumming letting the orgasm wash over me.

He kept his fingers deep in me and leaned in to kiss me. His tongue slipped over mine and played with his and I felt more wetness gushing out of me as he pushed against my gspot.

When the last wave wore off me, and I came back to reality, he was shaking his hand off a bit and I said "I think I soaked the couch" and he said "who cares" and continued to stroke me.

My thighs were soaked almost to my knees and the back of my nightie was soaked. The couch cushions were soaked. I had not come this hard or this much before. I had puddles with gspot orgasms with him before, but never this much. I could actually feel it gushing out of me when it happened.

We calmed down and I leaned up to hug him and noticed the front of his boxers were wet, I said "Oh wow did I get that on you?" and he said "No my cock is dripping from what I just did to you" and I said "Does that excite you that much" and he said "Yeah it does". Hearing that, I started getting really horny again, so I lay back and he started rubbing my clit again. It felt so good and I was still swollen from cumming so hard with him. My pussy was aching, and my clit was throbbing.

I could feel my cum dripping between my cheeks and I just lay back and spread my legs to let him play some more. My pussy was completely open to him.

After a while I said "Hon, give your fingers a break and he said "I'm ok" and kept rubbing me. I was feeling a bit guilty that his hand may be cramping up so I got up and went and got one of the bullets, and said "Use this and rest your fingers". He turned it on and nestled the bullet between my lips and sat back and we watched tv, letting the bullet just keep me in a holding pattern. Every so often he would press it hard onto my clit or gently stroke it over my lips. He inserted it for a few minutes and let it massage my gspot again.

After a half hour of just laying back letting the bullet play against me, I said "Let's go to bed" so we got up and went into the bedroom. I stripped my nightie off over my head and climbed in bed naked next to him. He was slowly rubbing my pussy and I leaned over and began to lick at the hair on his chest and around his nipples. He's got great chest hair and I love to twine my fingers in his hair and slowly lick his nipples.

I moved down his stomach lightly licking him and moved down to his beautiful hard cock. He loves it when I blow him and I love blowing him, so I wrapped my mouth around the head of his cock and swirled my tongue over the head and down his shaft. He was moaning softly and put his hands in my hair, gently stroking my head.

"I love sucking you off" I said and ran my tongue up under the head of his cock and sucked harder. He was moaning and thrusting his hips up at me, and his cock was dripping while I lapped every drop he had to give me.

I leaned back and said "Come up here baby, I want to keep going but need to get flat and off my back" so he crawled up to the pillows and kneeled in front of my waiting mouth. I wrapped my hands around his hard ass and started rubbing each cheek while I started sucking him off faster. He was moaning more now and reached down and began playing with my breast, kneading it and pulling and pinching my nipples. I spread my legs and reached down and started rubbing my clit, while sucking him off, and he started thrusting into my mouth.

I reached over and pulled the bullet off the nightstand, turned it on and started running it over my clit. I could fee another orgasm building and kept the bullet clamped down hard on my clit and swallowed his shaft down my throat, sucking him as I started cumming. I was moaning around his cock while I came, and he backed away and got between my legs. I felt his hard cock enter me, and he started slowly pumping into me.

He grabbed my ankles and placed my feet up over his shoulders and brought his hips in close to me. He was pumping me faster and faster and backed away and swung both legs to his right shoulder and held my legs closed. I could feel his cock stroking my lips as he pounded into me.

His breathing was coming faster and I could feel him swelling up in me. My pussy was spasming and clamping down on his cock, I could feel another orgasm coming and his cock felt so good stroking and pumping away in me. He moaned really loudly, I felt his cock swell up even more and he pulled out and held his cock as he came all over my clit in hot spurts.

His eyes were closed and he just let it come on my pussy and I reached down and fingered my clit and came against the head of his cock. He stayed between my legs and we looked at each other, finally he came down onto my breasts laid his head down, shuddering and I wrapped my arms around him. We were both sweating and out of breath.

"I love you" he said to me and I answered him back "I love you too hon". We stayed entwined for a while, exchanging soft kisses and stroking each other. Then we fell asleep.

Today I told him he's the master, and that last night was so good. That man knows how to work a gspot, and I'm still remembering how hard I came. God I love my man :wub:

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Yeah Holly, I think I found religion last night. Oh God, Oh God :lol:

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.... ... .

What the hell is that??? morse code?

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HOLY COW! I think I'd die if that ever happened to me! I'd sure like to find out though.....


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Nah you wouldn't die. This is not uncommon for us. We're pretty free with each other, and we're always touching each other. It's nothing for him to come up behind me and slowly dry hump me while doing dishes. We are always kissing and touching. I really love the sexual freedom I have with him.

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wow that got me seriously wet. Good for you! that was really hot! Wow!

Yw and like I said, the man's a genius with gspots. ;)

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